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The BFS Plyo Boxes were carefully designed to offer the very highest results. These boxes offer two distinct advantages: safety and performance. The BFS Plyo Boxes are clearly superior to any other<
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 2001


Our BFS Plyo Boxes offer four important safety advantages. First, each box has a rubberized non-slip landing surface. Second, each box is wider at the bottom, which creates great stability. Third, each box is made of thick plywood that is glued and screwed with reinforcements on the inside. They can easily take on the heaviest of athletes and repeated hourly usage day after day, month after month. Fourth and most important: Each box is solid wood on all four sides. If an athlete misses, his toes hit the solid wall of the box. The wide base allows the athlete to slide safely down to the floor. However, on our taller boxes or with beginners, spotters should always be present as shown on our video. Contrast this to a welded steel frame box of only one-inch square tubing. What if an athlete misses on one of those? His toes would go underneath the top and when he came down, instead of landing on the floor, he could land on a one-inch piece of steel. Scary! And, you pay more for these metal boxes. With BFS, you get the safest boxes made and they cost less.


Our BFS Plyo Boxes were designed by Stefan and reflect the ultimate in speed and power development for track athletes from Russia and the East European countries. The BFS Varsity Plyo Box set features three 20-inch boxes. Twenty inches is perfect. You do not want various heights. You want to move as fast and explosively as possible. Therefore, different heights impede this basic requirement. You should not have one box at 12-inches another at 18”, 24” and 30” for example. This is also an important factor in our east-west or side-to-side drills. Our big box at the end is for a challenge after you have created maximum momentum. These big boxes can take you from 32-inches all the way up to 50-inches (42-inch box with large booster). The BFS Plyo Boxes are not only perfect for high school but they are also perfect even for the most advanced Olympic athlete. Our brand new Plyometric Box Jumping video is extraordinary for showing how to get the very most out of plyometrics and do it safely!

The goal is to reach the top but what happens when you don’t?
Miss Image 1
Miss Image 2
Miss Image 3 - The BFS Plyometric Boxes have solid sides. If an athlete misses, the spotter can help the athlete slide down safely.
Steel Framed Plyometric Boxes can cause shin damage if an athlete misses even with a spotter.
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