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The BFS Nutrition System Overview
A quick overview of the BFS Nutrition System.
By Dr. Greg Shepard

I have studied tigers extensively. They are at the top of the food chain and are a most magnificent animal. What do they do?

The first thing a tiger does in the morning is stretch. Then he digs his claws into the tree and pulls (weight trains). Now he's hungry. He slowly stalks after his prey and when he gets close enough he sprints all out. As he closes in on his kill, he jumps to attack. (Plyometrics).

The tiger drags his kill back to his lair (more strength exercises-variation). He first eats the stomach and intestine area. This is where the rich, nutritious plant food is being digested. So in a very real sense, the tiger eats vegetables and salads. Then he eats his meat or protein foods. The tiger drinks water from a stream which also has minerals.

The tiger has only one natural enemy and that is man who is destroying his natural way of life. Thus, the tiger is facing extinction. Man has only one natural enemy. It is the same as the tiger. Man has given us the Big Gulp Society with clever ads which get us to eat the five lethal foods in huge quantities: Sodas, french fries, potato chips-Doritos, pastries-cookies-cakes-donuts, and candy. Ten percent of teenage boys drink 8 or more sodas per day. Corporate empire strategies are literally killing us. Type II diabetes is increasing at the rate of nine percent a year. We have the fattest kids and athletes in history. We are our own worst enemy.

All coaches and athletes should eat and be like the tiger. Whether you're a skinny, fat, weak or strong, be like the tiger. It will bring you to your leanest, strongest and most explosive self. The tiger must do everything correct to be at the top of the food chain. So must you.

Stay away from the five lethal foods. Eat vegetables, salads, fish, fowl, meat, eggs and all foods created by nature. Limit your intake of processed food and make water your drink of choice, preferably water with essential minerals.

Coaches, see if you can get a super deluxe salad bar at your school and have attractive water available complete with ice and lemons.

RULE #1: Stay away from the Five Lethal Foods: Soda, French Fries, Potato Chips, Pastries/cookies and Candy.

RULE #2: Make water, juice or milk your drink of choice. During competition, make water your drink of choice. We do not endorse sport drinks.

RULE #3: Use the 40-point BFS Nutrition System. Try to get 10 points for meals plus snacks. Two points for each food item from the basic food groups. No points for any item in the Five Lethal Food Group. Ten points for a BFS Super Weight Gain drink or BFS Whey Protein. Rule #3 is for the athlete with no excess fat. However, some adherence to Eating Like A Tiger should be followed. Athletes need to get an adequate amount of protein. Usually this is at least 100 grams per day.

RULE #4: For those who want to get leaner or lose fat, they can do the full Eat Like A Tiger Program: 100 or less grams of Carbs; 100 or more grams of Protein per day. A ten point Tiger Meal is a meal with 10 or less grams of carbs and 40 or more grams of protein.

RULE #5: PRE-GAME MEALS: There is some evidence which would indicate that carbo loading before a competition may not be the best. The Kenyans do not. They Eat Like A Tiger. Some athletes who have a propensity for cramps are probably at greater risk when they load up on Carbs and drink acid type drinks like soda, juice or sport drinks.

RULE #6: SUPPLEMENTS: In general, we downplay the use of supplements. We vigorously oppose the use of Steroids and Andro, which is now close to being officially classified as a Steroid. We absolutely are against GHB. We also have taken an official stand against endorsing Creatine. We do recognize the right of an individual to take Creatine. We caution all coaches, especially at the high school level, to not endorse, sell or distribute Creatine.



For Example: A 12 oz Coke has 39 grams of sugar per serving (Approx seven teaspoons). If you were to drink 8 cans a day (or 96 oz {3 Big Gulps}) thatís 312 grams of sugar a day! (Approx 56 teaspoons) not to mention the 564 mg of caffeine the equivalence of three Maximum strength No-Doz pills.

BFS Nutritional Point System

This is a point system which enables you to better and more easily evaluate your diet. Points for individual foods are established as follows: 2 pts = food that has good nutritional value. 1 pt = food that has fair nutritional value (only for those who want to gain weight). O pts = the five lethal foods. To better understand the application of this point system, all you need to know is the Five Basic Food Groups. Listed below are the Five Food groups and their point value assignment. BREAD AND CEREAL GROUP: 2 pts each* EXAMPLES: bread, pasta, cereal, noodles, oatmeal, rice. DAIRY GROUP: 2 pts each EXAMPLES: milk (low-fat), cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. MEAT GROUP: 2 pts each EXAMPLES: chicken, beef, eggs, fish, pork. FRUIT: 2 pts each EXAMPLES: apples, oranges, bananas. VEGETABLES: 2 pts each EXAMPLES: corn, potatoes and peas. Eating more of the same food gives you one additional point. Example: one apple - 2 pts; two or more apples = 3 pts. Foods that combine more than one food group can earn up to 5 pts. Example: a peanut butter sandwich = 4 pts; a cheese, meat & lettuce sandwich = 5 pts.

Examples of Food Point Assignments
One glass milk = 2 pts (two or more = 3 pts)
One glass O.J. = 2 pts (two or more = 3 pts)
Two pancakes = 2 pts* (more = 3 pts)
Two eggs = 2 pts (three or more = 3 pts)
Sandwich w/one item = 4 pts (w/two or more = 5 pts)
French fries one serving = 1 pts*
Coffee = 0 pts
Milkshake= 1 pts*
Cereal w/milk = 4 pts
Casserole depending on ingredients = 2 - 5 pts
Pizza (1 slice) depending on toppings = 3 - 5 pts*
French toast 2 pieces = 2 pts* (more = 3 Pts)
Chunky soup 1 bowl = 3 pts
Potato chips 5-10 chips = 1 pt*
Soda pop = 0 pts
Candy bar = 0 pts
Ice cream cone = 1 pt*

* Only for those who want to gain weight. For those who want to lose weight, 0 pts.

The maximum points that can be earned for any one particular meal is 10 points. This prevents hoarding or overindulgence. The minimum for breakfast should be 8 pts. One or more glasses of water is worth two bonus points. Eat a minimum of 2 points from each food group per day. You may supplement your daily diet with a good multiple vitamin and mineral tablet.

30 - 40 pts Good diet, no changes needed.
25 - 29 pts Good diet, some improvement could be made.
20 - 24 pts Necessary to make some changes, especially if your are active in athletics.
15 - 19 pts Need a better diet, must make some changes.
10 - 14 pts Definitely need a better diet.
5 - 9 pts Do something immediately to change. Sickness and serious illness likely.
O - 4 pts See a coach, doctor or Clergyman. Death could result.

BFS Pre-Exwercise Meal

I believe the training principle of Carbo Loading is overrated. With all our improved tracks, running shoes and training methods, we are running distance races slower than ever. Almost all of our American distance records were set 15 to 30 years ago.
Jim Ryan set the high school record in the mile back in 1965. It was reported that he ate a pregame meal of sauerkraut and wieners. Barry Sears, author of "The Zone", states, "There is enough stored energy in our fat cells to equal eating 1,700 pancakes." Apparently, stored fat is what Jim Ryan used for energy.
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