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BFS Suggested Auxiliary Lifts
By Bigger Faster Stronger

Suggested Auxiliary Lifts

Basic Assumptions
1. High School Situation
2. 45-60 Minute Workout Time
3. Class Has Multi-Sport Athletes
4. Upper Limit Results Wanted

MONDAY: Neck, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Glute Ham, Power Snatch
WEDNESDAY: Neck,Heavy Dips,Incline, Jerk Press, Lunges,
FRIDAY: Neck, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Glute Ham, Straight Leg Deadlift,

Your class should be organized just like practice. One third of your class will be doing one Core Lift, one third another Core Lift and the remaining third will be doing Auxiliary Lifts. Then, switch the groups as you divide the total workout into three equal time segments.

Do no more than 5 auxiliary exercises per workout session. Select only those exercises that will help you win in your particular sport. Generally do two sets of ten reps on each auxiliary and only record the most important auxiliaries in the BFS Set-Rep Log Book. The chart above gives an example of an auxiliary workout schedule.

Our BFS professional staff rated 100 different auxiliary exercises and came up with the auxiliary exercises listed above. They fit all sports very well. If you have a total of only 45 minutes of workout time, that means 15 minutes will be devoted to your Auxiliary Lifts. Hence, when five auxiliary exercises are done, you will have three minutes to do each one. Do not allow your kids to stand around. They should always be looking for an open spot.

The following is a list of our Auxiliary Exercises and why we think they will help you win:

Leg Curls: Develops the hamstrings and strengthens the knee joint area. Helps your speed and prevents injury.

Leg Extensions: Develops the quadriceps and strengthens the knee joint area. Helps prevent knee injuries.

Glute Ham Developer: A superior way to develop the Gluteous Maximus, Gluteous Minimus and the entire area of the buttocks. It will also strengthen the hamstrings, especially in the lower area. Helps prevent hamstring pulls.

Jerk Press: Place bar behind the neck in a high bar Squat position, squat down slightly and explosively thrust the bar upward. As this is done, split your feet super quickly as you would do in a Olympic style Clean and Jerk. The bar will end up overhead in a locked position. Then stand upright. Do two sets of 5 reps. Jerk Presses develop upper body explosiveness as well as great shoulder strength.

Dips: Unbelievable in developing powerful triceps. It is helpful for jump shots in basketball and all sports who throw an implement or ball.

Incline Press: A favorite auxiliary for many. It develops the upper chest area and aids your Bench Press. It duplicates shot putting and an offensive linemanís pass blocking arm position.

Power Snatch: Use the same technique as in the clean but use a very wide grip. As you jump under the bar, the weight will be positioned overhead. We suggest two things to be successful; First, our new BFS Training Plates are an absolute must. Second, the Power Clean and Clean Variation video is an extraordinary coaching tool.

Lunges: This develops power balance. Each leg is forced to work independently from each other. Also, there is no stress on the lower back. You may do this exercise with dumbbells or a regular bar. Develops the hamstrings, quadriceps and buttocks.

Straight-Leg Dead Lift: Do this with a very light weight. Use no more than 40% of your Parallel Squat max. Do every rep in a slow and controlled manner. Most High School athletes should start with 45 lbs. or less. You do this one for speed. Itís like magic because you are stretching and strengthening your glutes and hamstrings at the same time. It is one of the great keys to improving speed.

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