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Conrad Ivie of Malden High School in Missouri is our 2001 Bigger Faster Stronger Athlete of the Year. He becomes our 22nd recipient of our most prestigious award. Conrad is a true eleven!
By Dr, Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 2001

Conrad’s selection was based on athletic achievement in sports, the ability to overcome obstacles, scholarship, leadership, general character and the ability to put life into its proper perspective. Conrad has proved himself in everyone of these criteria and is most deserving of this award.

Athletic Achievement In Sports

Conrad was a First Team All-Region quarterback in his sophomore, junior and senior years in high school. He was also All-Conference, All-Region and a First Team All-American Christian Athlete. Conrad threw for a 60% passing percentage and had 3,888 career yards passing in spite of missing five games in his senior year.
Conrad was the Missouri State Champion Long Jumper. His best at that event was 23-1. He also ran the 100 meters with a best time of 10.7. He ran the last leg on the 4 X 200 relay and placed third at state. Conrad battled a hamstring injury much of his senior track season but he came through with a winning jump at state when he had to.
Bernard Ivie, Conrad’s father, started his son on the BFS Readiness at the end of his 6th grade year. Coach (Bernard) Ivie began an extensive speed program when Conrad was in the 7th grade because he seemed so slow (5.7 forty). He graduated from the Readiness Program just after his 8th grade year of football whereupon he started the Advanced BFS Program in earnest. Below is Conrad’s detailed progress chart from 8th to 12th grade.
Conrad has always trained all-year round and has always broken records in-season. Says Conrad, “You can’t go backwards. You gotta work hard all the time.” Conrad has seven completed BFS Log books at home. “Without a doubt, I broke 8 or more records every week, every year. That’s the best thing about BFS, you never plateau. No matter what, I was always getting a good workout and improving.”
The same BFS lifting program was done throughout the year. Conrad said, “Not only did I do the same lifting program, I did the same stretching, same dot drill and virtually the same on every phase of my strength and conditioning program. The only thing that was different was that sometimes my stretching was more intense during track.
“I totally agree with the BFS Squat System. I was always getting stronger and faster. I did Box Squats until I got up to 700 pounds and then BFS advised me to switch to Front Squats to help me from plateauing. I found that I really liked them. I also feel that the Front Squats gave me a better knee lift on my sprints.
“I believe in stretching. It is so important. Earlier in my career, I would miss some or not do it hard but when I really went after it, I started running 4.4’s consistently. Sometimes I would stretch three times per day. One time I ran 4.4 six times in a row. I went to eight D-1 football camps in the summer before my senior year and had a 4.4 in six of those. I only lost twice. I used the BFS Kevin Devine start and at camps other kids would start copying it. They saw how quick I was starting.”
Conrad chose Central Missouri and is enjoying his red-shirt year as a quarterback. “Right from my first visit, everything felt right. There were some D-1 schools that wanted me but only as a defensive back. I am a quarterback and Central wanted me at that position. Coach Fritz (head coach) wanted to support my academics and there is also a good Christian atmosphere here at Central.
“My goals in college include becoming a starter and leading the team but the first and primary goal is to do whatever I can to help the team win a national championship. I would love to play at the next level but my ultimate goal is to go to med school and become a doctor - possibly a pediatrician or an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries.”

Ability To Overcome Obstacles

Conrad got severely injured during a mid-season game last season at Malden High School. He remembered, “I had worked so hard. It was always a dream of mine to make the 1st BFS All-American Team but after my injury I thought my chances were completely gone.
“This injury was my first true test on how hard I was willing to work to overcome a true obstacle. I know that my small injury is nothing compared to what others have had overcome. I read about many true stories in the BFS Journal about how others had overcome a lot more than I faced. That got me going.
“When I first got hurt, the trainer was examining my leg. I asked him to tell me the truth. He said that I would not be able to play again this year, if ever. I sat on the sideline almost in tears thinking that I had played my last down of football ever. However, through my faith in myself and faith in God, I was able to come back to finish district playoff games and lead my team to the quarterfinals.”


Conrad was the valedictorian at Malden High School. He received an “A” in every class all four years except one and that was an “A-“ because he missed a class for a track meet. Conrad’s secret? “I tried to really focus on every word my teachers said. At college, studies always come first. The coaches at Central really support this.”

Leadership and General Character

Conrad leads by example in all areas of life, but one area that is most impressive is his leadership in relation to drugs, alcohol and tobacco. “Anything that is going to hurt your body,” says Conrad, “you must stay away from. Drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco are not for anybody; athlete or non-athlete.” Conrad has never gone near a drug, taken a sip of alcohol or touched a tobacco product.
“It was never hard for me,” explained Conrad. “The first time I was offered was at an 8th grade party. I decided to go home. I asked if anyone wanted to leave with me and one person did. We ended up watching a movie and eating pizza.” Coach Ivie has had both his sons, Conrad and younger brother Cole repeat the BFS Three Rules For Success and do the BFS Dot Drill before breakfast since they were two years old. They do this everyday. One of those rules is to “refuse to associate with anyone, anyplace or anything that will create mediocrity or negativity.” Conrad refuses to associate in a drug, alcohol or tobacco situation.
Conrad always gives out his cell phone number and offers to drive others home. He warns, “Don’t drive with alcohol in you. When you keep saying ‘no’ to alcohol people start respecting you and eventually they just stop asking. There is always other things to do like going to the movies, etc. I also believe part of leadership is being a good role model because tiny eyes are always watching.”
“It’s nice to have people around you who believe in you,” asserted Conrad. “I am lucky to have such wonderful parents, family, friends and teammates.”

Proper Perspective

The following is part of Conrad’s valedictorian speech: “In the ancient Greek Olympic Games, the motto was enkrateutes, prosexairo, pera - faster, higher, further. It was not faster than every one else, higher than the rest of the competition, or further than anyone else. Just faster, higher and farther. Today, I am going to tell you the two things that everyone must have in order to take themselves faster, higher and further.
The first thing you must have is faith. You must have faith in yourself and faith in God. First is faith in God, He has a plan for each and every one of us. We must trust Him and the plan He has for us and try to follow it as He wants us to. You must know that through it all He is always there for you. He loves you no matter what, and He will be beside you no matter what. He will be there to carry you when you are down or having problems. You must learn to give your problems to Him and trust that He will take care of you.
Then you must have faith in yourself. You must never care what other people think about you because there will always be doubters, and those who make fun of you

Conrad was the Missouri State Champion Long Jumper. His best at that event was 23-1. He also ran the 100 meters with a best time of 10.7. He ran the last leg on the 4 X 200 relay and placed third at state.
Conrad threw for a 60% passing percentage and had 3,888 career yards passing in spite of missing five games in his senior year.
Conrad was the valedictorian at Malden High School. He received an “A” in every class all four years except one.
Conrad’s Squat increased 225 lbs since 8th grade.
The Ivie Boys: Conrad with dad Bernard and younger brother Cole.
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