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ADRIEN CLARKE: Shaker Hieghts HS, OH
This high school football All-American contributes his success to discipline, intensity and consistency in everything he does.
By Matt Shepard
Published: Spring 1999

“100% discipline, intensity and consistency in everything I do!” is the answer I received from Adrien Clark of Shaker Heights High School in Ohio when I asked him how he achieved such great success. In football, Adrien has earned the honors of All-American, All-State, All-League twice, Team MVP & Outstanding Lineman. He was also rated Top Offensive Lineman in Ohio by various recruiting magazines. Adrien is all about making it to the top.
Adrien's Coach, David Sedmak feels that the intensity of Adrien is unmatched. He states, “Adrien has worked extremely hard to reach his potential as an athlete. He has done a tremendous job in developing his strength and power.” Adrien Bench Presses 350 pounds, Deadlifts an astounding 650 pounds and puts up an impressive 350 pounds on the Clean. Coach Sedmak continues, “He has also worked hard on his speed, quickness, and agility. His fastest times are a 5.1 - 40 and a dot drill time of 48 seconds.” For someone who weighs over 300 pounds, that is pretty good.
Adrien has certainly put a lot of time and effort into developing his strength. He feels that strength training is absolutely essential to success in athletics. About his four favorite lifts Adrien exhorts, “You need the Power Clean to build explosiveness, the Parallel Squat to increase speed, and the Bench Press and Jerk Press to build strength and power.” On strength training, in general, he feels that it “helps with self-discipline and intensity in all endeavors of life.” Adrien certainly exemplifies the essence of self-discipline and intensity; and there is no doubt that those admirable qualities will take him far.
“A large percentage of Adrien's success,” informs Coach Sedmak, “is attributed to the BFS Program. We have used it the past 5 years. We have a record of 44-10 in that span after inheriting a program that was 5-25 in the three years before. Adrien has been a dedicated worker in the BFS Program since 9th grade. He developed from a soft 6'3”, 265 pound freshman into a hard 6'5”, 315 pound senior.” His bear-like strength made him an incredible asset to both the offensive and defensive line. On offense, it was not uncommon for Adrien to take on two defenders and handle them with ease. His entire junior and senior year he didn't allow a single sack. On defense, he ended his model high school career with over 100 tackles.
Another quality that sets Adrien apart from other athletes is his dedication to the team concept. On being a good example, he states, “I like giving my teammates encouragement and setting an example for them by showing them the importance of TEAM.” Coach Sedmak adds, “Adrien has become an excellent leader, both by example and encouragement. He takes great pride in his sacrifice to help the team.”
Adrien's example of intensity on the field and in the weight room helped the team realize the importance of hard work and a great attitude. Because of this attitude they were able to dominate and win so many games.
The future also looks bright for Adrien with scholarships being offered to him from every NCAA Division I college that recruits Northeast Ohio.

Adrien Bench Presses 350 pounds, Deadlifts an astounding 650 pounds and puts up an impressive 350 pounds on the Clean.
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