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COREY MOORE: Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech finished this past season with a sparkling 9-3 record and a #19 national ranking. They clobbered Alabama in this year’s bowl which was their sixth straight bowl appearance.
By Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 1999

Under the guidance of Frank Beamer, one of the nation’s winningest active coaches, the Hokies were ranked sixth in the nation in total defense and second in scoring defense. Leading this charge was Second Team Junior All-American Defensive End Corey Moore.
Bud Foster, Tech’s Defensive Coordinator, praises, “Corey is the number one leader on the football team. He helped the team tremendously through his great leadership and work ethic. He was also, probably, the key figure in our making it to the Music City Bowl. His 14 sacks led the league. Corey also attained a unanimous choice as the Big East Defensive Player of the Year.”
“Corey has a great attitude and great work ethic. He understands the responsibility and accountability that it takes to win. Corey is just a great person overall; a first class kid. He is our strongest player who is always trying to get stronger. Along with that strength, Corey also runs a 4.5 forty.”
Corey played fullback, tight end and linebacker for Coach Phil Massey at Haywood High School where he was a finalist for the “Mr. Football” title in Tennessee. His team fell just short of the 6-A state championship in his senior year, losing 7-6 in the title game. Corey was class president in his sophomore, junior and senior years and earned a 3.9 GPA. He lifted free weights in high school finishing with a 315 lb. Bench, a 425 lb. Squat, a 270 lb. x 2 Hang Clean and he did the Dot Drill which helped him achieve a 4.67 forty. He attended Holmes Junior College for his first year before becoming a Hokie.
“I am a very competitive person,” said Corey, “and I hate to lose, so I use a game day attitude for my motivation. My teammates and I practice hard during the week; I look to game day as my reward. I’m like a little kid who can’t wait to get out there and get my reward. I think my teammates look to me when it is crunch time, when a big play is needed or when the guys need to be calmed down. That is something that I don’t shy away from but welcome as another challenge.”
“I don’t like the attention and the post-season honors don’t mean anything to me. I just hope that I can go out and help my team win. That’s all I need. As long as I can say after the game that I played my best and gave my team my all - that’s what matters to me. I love my teammates. I can’t see myself not being around those guys and that really matters to me. We are definitely a family.”
You may be wondering how could a great football player and class president, with great grades, end up going to a junior college. Corey originally signed with the University of Mississippi. However, a coaching change occurred and Corey requested and received a release from his letter of intent. After weighing all his options, Corey elected to go to Holmes J.C. for one year and then go through the recruiting process all over again.
Virginia Tech was appealing because of Defensive Line Coach Charlie Wiles who has known Corey since he was in 10th grade and because of the new facilities. The University has clearly demonstrated that it has a commitment to be one of the very finest athletic programs in the nation. The all-purpose Merryman Center was just completed and features a 130-seat auditorium, a sports medicine and training facility and a 17,000 square foot strength and conditioning complex. In addition, there are all new football offices, a new softball field, an outdoor track complex, an indoor track facility, and new football locker rooms. Plus, renovations to the football stadium and basketball coliseum. And last but not least they have a new indoor football practice facility complete with AstroTurf. Corey Moore had found a home and a football family. “I had a trusting relationship with Coach Wiles so I just felt very comfortable here at Tech. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”
Corey also found Mike Gentry, who has established himself as one of the premiere strength and conditioning coaches in the world. Gentry states, “We have a comprehensive program utilizing strength/power training, plyometrics, sprint conditioning and flexibility training. Our goal is to become one of the most physical teams in the nation.”
Mike Gentry has been the Hokie’s strength coach for twelve years and has developed quite a tradition of intensity. Corey has added to that intensity. “During his initial visit I thought Corey would be a linebacker; I remember thinking that he was too small. He was 6-0 and 205 at the time. What I did not know was the desire and commitment that Corey possesses. At defensive end, he uses his speed, quickness and strength to defeat much larger offensive tackles. When Corey is in full pass rush it is very difficult for a 300-pound lineman to stop him. Either they hold him or Corey is on the quarterback.”
Corey now has a Bench Press of 420 lbs., a Squat of 650 lbs., a Hang Clean of 345 lbs., a Power Clean of 316 lbs. and a Push Jerk of 341 lbs.. Corey’s weight has climbed to 218 lbs. with a Vertical Jump of 38.5 and a forty time of 4.55 seconds. He is bigger, faster and stronger!
“When I go into the weight room,” said Corey with conviction, “It is like the classroom, football or anything else. It is all business. I am very serious. We have a great weight program so I just do what Coach Gentry says plus some extra work on my own. Coach Gentry has made the difference in my career. He is the best in the country. Jim Whitten, our assistant strength coach, is also great. He helps me all of the time.”
Corey believes that to be successful you must live good principles. “Surround yourself with people who care about you,” Corey said. “Set high goals and live your dream. Work hard. Be your own person and strive to do what’s right. Don’t be influenced easily by things that won’t help you. Be aware of what will help you. Be aware of what will help you and hurt you. Avoid what will hurt you.”
Corey tries not to get caught up in things like peer pressure. “I don’t let peer pressure get to me,” stated Corey. I’ve always been my own person. I never did smoke, chew, drink alcohol or do drugs in high school. If you were really my friend, you would never ask me to do that. If I did, my mom would have killed me.
“My mother taught me many lessons. She was my inspiration and means everything in the world to me. She raised my two brothers and my sister by herself, while most of the time working two jobs. She taught me a lot about hard work and the Bible. I love my mother to death and she is the most important person in my life.
“My Grandma told me to dream big and when she died on my 17th birthday that really helped me to focus and change. I pursued lofty goals from then on. I really believe in dreaming big. My family and my belief in God are the most important parts of my life. I believe it is important to be willing to live a Christian manhood like life. I also want that for my friends and teammates.”
Corey remains politically active with his fraternity. He is involved in various activities and is a representative in several school councils. He plans to finish his degree in finance by his senior year and then go to law school. Presently, Corey is looking into a career as a football sports agent, however, “It is not a primary goal. If it happens, I will step up to the plate. But, it is always going to be law school first and then sports agent.”
Once again, many thanks to Mike Gentry for sharing Corey’s inspiring story.


“Surround yourself with people who care about you, set high goals and live your dream. Work hard. Be your own person and strive to do what’s right. Don’t be
easily by things that won’t help you. Be aware of what will help you and hurt you. Avoid what will hurt you.”
-Corey Moore



Date Height Weight Be

Spring 1999 Cover - Corey Moore
Corey Moore
The newly-constructed Merryman Athletic Center is a 130-seat auditorium, a sports medicine training facility and a 17,000 square foot strength and conditioning complex.
The 6’0” 217 lb. Defensive End Corey Moore. Corey was one of the nation’s leaders in sacks.
Corey has a Vertical Jump of 38.5 and a forty time of 4.55 seconds
Corey is doing some reps with a 315 lbs. His Bench Press Max is 420 lbs. “Coming to Virginia Tech was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Corey now has a Squat of 650 lbs., a Hang Clean of 345 lbs., a Power Clean of 316 lbs. and a Push Jerk of 341 lbs. Corey’s weight has climbed to 218 lbs.

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