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PRODUCT REVIEW: Lever Line Lat Pull Down
Lever Line Lat Pull Down
By Chuck Farr
Published: Fall 1999

For this issue I will review the acclaimed Lever-Line Lat Pulldown. For an auxiliary lift, the Lat Pulldown is always a favorite. For years, the only way to do this exercise has been through either the plate-loaded or selectorized lat machines (both operated by pulleys). These machines tend to be a little awkward with the cables and noisy with the clank-clank of the plates as they smash together. Now we have the Lever-Line Lat Machine. After using this machine, my first thought was - WOW!, this is incredibly smooth, quite and sturdy. I also liked how easy it was to load/unload weight from the waist-high plate holders. You will, however, need to provide about 5 by 7 of space for this machine (the actual size is about 49 wide x 510 long). I had some of the kids I train try this exercise as well and compare it with a plate-loaded, pulley-operated lat machine and every last one of them preferred the Lever-Line. Key features include: oil impregnated bearings for an extremely smooth operation, 2 x 3-11 gauge steel for strength, extra-thick heavy-duty padding with mold & mildew resistant vinyl, adjustable thigh pads, 1 solid chromed steel handles with rubber grips (which allows for 6 different lat exercises) and chromed plate holders. The machine comes with glossy-white paint and your choice of color for the padding.
Leverage Lat Pull Down
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