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The Bigger Faster Stronger Set-Rep System weightlifting program, is the only program in the world that guarantees that all of your athletes will break eight personal records per week, week after week,
By Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 1999

The BFS Set-Rep System is the best thing you can possibly do for your athletes. It blows every other system away. It is amazing every high school, junior college, Division II and III and NAIA school are not on the BFS system.
If you are working with advanced Division I athletes or elite athletes, your periodization system might work as well. However, if you read the University Arkansas Anthony Lucas article, you will find the essential components of the BFS System used by the Razorbacks. If you are working with pro-athletes, our BFS System should not be used unless you have some athletes who still need physical development. However, if your athletes are in high school, the BFS System is far and away superior. Frankly, the difference is staggering.
Some coaches may be skeptical. But what if I'm right? Put one group of athletes on the BFS Set-Rep System. Put another group on any University or East European periodization program. Give it a fair shot and then compare. If the BFS Set-Rep System is not clearly superior, we will return all of your expenses. You can't lose but you can win big.


The BFS System is a form of periodization. We have just taken the best parts of standard periodization programs and left out all the weaker components like dealing with younger athletes, many athletes and/or multi-sport athletes. We make great gains in-season. We don't maintain like standard periodization. We allow for multi-sport athletes. Standard periodization does not.
Standard periodization requires the athlete to establish and accurate max. A computer will then take this max and create an 8, 12 or 16 week cycle which culminates, hopefully, in a brand new max at the end of the period. Some strength coach will even continually adjust the system as they observe their athletes. Standard periodization has various cycles and phases throughout the year which create a multitude of challenges with large groups of multi-sport athletes.
Establishing an accurate max with experienced college athletes is somewhat difficult and virtually impossible with larger groups of high school athletes. If your max is not reliable, the effectiveness of your periodization program is reduced.
BFS does not worry about this with the Record Card or Set-Rep Log book. We establish set and rep records knowing they are not accurate. It doesn't matter. Therefore, we start right in with the program on the first day and never look back. From then on, everyday we try to break as many records as we can. There are 75 records to be established and virtually every athlete can break 8 or more of these personal records every week, month after month after month.
BFS offers a computer system called “Beat the Computer,” which is the BFS Set-Rep System on computer. This computer program does have the athlete establish a max or a projected max. However, it then establishes all of your set and rep records just as athletes do with the Set-Rep Log book. The computer prints out a challenge for every work out. The athlete's job is to meet the challenge and beat the computer.
Athletes on the BFS System must continually “Read their body” and “Make great decisions.” The smarter the athlete, the better he/she will do. Hence, college athletes really can excel on the BFS System. All a coach has to say is, “What's your set or rep record?” The athlete responds and the coach then asks, “Do you want to win?” Of course, the athlete answers in the affirmative. “Then break it!”
What do you think happens when kids are breaking at least 8 records a week and the coach is giving “high fives” and praise everyday to every athlete? What do you think happens to the kid who has to wait 12 weeks to receive concrete proof he is stronger?
You will get massive voluntary participation with the BFS Set-Rep System. It's just all-out fun to break so many records all the time. You will increase self confidence by volumes. Your athletes will have more loyalty and believe, really believe, in you, your school and team. Your athletes will have greater confidence that winning a conference or state championship can really happen.
There are no plateaus with the BFS Set-Rep System. There are only two periodization modes: in-season or off-season. This makes management of multi-sport athletes a piece of cake. All sports both boys and girls are to use the same system: Easy transition between sport seasons, easy management and continual positive reinforcement. It is a blast to coach. You will be continually pumped every hour of every day. You will indeed be developing your athletes in mind, body and spirit.
The BFS Set-Rep System is fully explained in detail in our video, Total Program Book and Set-Rep Log Book. For coaches who would like to get a complete “starter package” BFS has created the “Total Program Package” (see page 59) this provides all you need to get started out right. We have priced it at just $69, which is a $16.95 savings. For advanced instruction, show the new Squat video to all your athletes. Your weight room will never be the same.
BFS wants you to succeed. If you have questions on how to establish your weightroom program, please call one of our coaches and we will help (1-800-628-9737). We want your athletes to succeed. We are coaches helping coaches.

BFS Record Card
BFS Set-Rep Logbook
“Beat the Computer”
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