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Simi Valley's Debo Pechette found a wallet with $310 in it and there was no question in his heart what he was going to do with it
By Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 2002

President’s Note: Steve Carroll, head football coach at Simi Valley High School in California, lives, eats and breathes football, BFS and Being an Eleven. He even made sure that he got married on the 11th. So it was no surprise when he called me for a Be An Eleven Seminar. His athletes were wonderful and it was a great way to kick off his 2001 football season. Coach Carroll had one of his players do something extraordinary. He couldn’t wait to tell me about Debo. The following is what happened in Coach Carroll’s own words:

Picture this; you’re a junior in high school, starting both ways as a varsity fullback and linebacker for your school’s football team. As any good football player does, you are out supporting your other school’s sports team. On this particular night, you are attending a girl’s varsity volleyball game. As the game comes to a close and your team is again victorious, you look down and notice somebody has lost their wallet. Upon further examination, you notice the wallet contains $310.00.

To a junior in high school, who gave up his part-time job to concentrate on football, I can imagine how far a person could make that money go. He could take the money and drop the wallet. Who would know? The question is what would you do?

Well, if you want to be an eleven and do the eleven thing, you will do exactly what Debo Peshette did when confronted with this situation. Upon finding the wallet and checking the drivers license, Debo realized that it belonged to an elderly man. Debo then noticed an elderly gentleman at the other end of the gym frantically looking for something.

Debo approached the man and returned the wallet with all its contents intact including every dollar. If you look up the word eleven in the dictionary, I have the feeling you might just see a picture of Debo Peshette.

We at BFS agree. Debo, you are a true eleven. Thanks for your example!

On a scale of 1 to 10 what do you want to be?
What would you do if you found a wallet with money in it?
Steve Carroll, head football coach at Simi Valley High School, and Debo Pechette with his “Be An 11 Award”.
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