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JOSH BRYANT: Everything he does is for football
If you ask Josh why he spends so much time getting stronger, he will just smile and tell you that everything he does is for football.
By Matt Shepard
Published: Fall 1998

Last May, Josh Bryant decided to enter the U.S. Bench Press Open. He had an idea that he was strong, but exactly how strong he didn't even comprehend. Josh competed in the 220-242 pound class for the 16-17-year-olds. What he accomplished astounded all who witnessed the event. He put up an extremely impressive 364 pounds. He not only won the event, but set the Amateur Athletic Union record for his weight class. Then, in August, he decided to do it again and entered the bench press competition in Venice, California at Muscle Beach. This time he entered in the 200-221 pound class at a weight of 215 pounds. And again, Josh set a new record for that class by putting up 369 pounds.
If you ask Josh why he spends so much time getting stronger, he will just smile and tell you that everything he does is for football. Last year Josh played fullback and nose-guard. This year he is hoping to play fullback and linebacker. Josh definitely has the strength and speed to play any position he wants. In training, Josh has benched 400 pounds and can dead lift 545, box squat 700, and do a 455-pound-below-parallel squat. He can also run the 40 in 4.6 seconds. He has attained this superior status through an excellent work ethic; Josh states, "To be successful, what you need is a good work ethic, never miss a workout or practice, and be tough!" Josh lives by those words and knows that he will continue to improve as he does what he preaches.
Josh is on the BFS program at his school in Santa Barbara California, and, in addition to that workout, he goes to a local gym to do some extra auxiliary lifts that he doesn't have time for at the school. Because of the incredible strength and size he has attained, Josh is often accused of taking steroids. He is appalled at even the thought of it. Disgusted, he explains, "A lot of people think I use steroids but I don't. I was glad to show that I don't by being tested."
To help facilitate his progress, Josh engages himself in track and field as well. He can throw the shot put 47'2". In this years Channel League finals, Josh earned the third-place medal. He also throws the discus 127'3". What ever will help him improve and gain an advantage over his opponents, like participating in track and field, he will do it.
When asked what motivates him in the weight room, Josh exclaimed, "I think about next football season." He definitely has the desire to excel at football and will be one to look for in the future. After high school, where he now has a 3.4 G. P. A., Josh dreams of going to West Point or some other service school. He is also aspiring to be a pro football player. With his excellent work ethic, he certainly has a great chance to accomplish his dreams. On the other hand, Josh says that he would also enjoy being a police officer, a mighty strong one at that.
Josh is a great example at his school. "He has helped the whole team gain a harder work ethic and desire to be the best," says Josh's coach, John Hazelton. Every one looks to him and not only admires his exceptional work ethic but his kind and pleasant behavior. Coach Hazelton again praises, "He is a tireless worker and a great example. He has changed the whole school because of his example. When young kids come in, they look to Josh and then want to be like him." I'm sure Coach Hazelton wants them all to be like Josh.

Josh at the Muscle Beach Competition where he set a Bench record of 369 lbs.
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