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Coach Fitzgerald from South Hills High School in California analyded BFS and immediately become fascinated by its simple logic.
Published: Fall 1998

Jeff Scurran did a BFS Clinic at South Hills High School in California. They sent us an article from their school newspaper written by Brent Estrada. The following is part of that article:
The school’s implementation of BFS began when varsity football coach, Steve Bogan, gave the BFS book to another football coach, Rob Fitzgerald, and asked him to examine the validity of the philosophy. Coach Fitzgerald analyzed BFS and immediately became fascinated by its simple logic. “The more I read, the more logical it seemed,” stated Fitzgerald.
The theory behind BFS is simple but effective. Rather than having athletes blindly focus on muscles like the biceps, which most sports don’t require, BFS preaches the importance of the legs and hips. Although the upper body is still conditioned, it is no longer a priority. So a wide receiver, rather than focusing on a bench press or a curl, would do squats and power cleans along with agility, speed and jumping exercises.
However, the true beauty of the BFS training program, according to Fitzgerald, comes into play when one realizes that this program is not limited to football players. Athletes of all sports require explosive lower body strength. The sprinter, swimmer and wrestler all need powerful legs to give them that competitive edge. The Husky track, wrestling and swim teams are now also making the conversion to the system.
Since I have started the program, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement,” commented track captain Emily Baskin. “I think my legs have grown stronger. Plus, its nice that the coaches have given me something specific to do in the weight room.”
The result of Jeff Scurran’s clinic have been enormous. A whole new weight room has been organized. ASB Director Mike Gaber stated, “South Hills has always been great in athletics but the BFS system should take us up another notch.”
Finally, Coach Fitzgerald wrote, “I just wanted to thank BFS for your hard work and dedication to weight training. In just a short time, it has changed the atmosphere of our school. Jeff Scurran got the ball rolling and did a terrific job!”.

BFS Clinician Jeff Scurran explains the Squat.
The Husky Weightroom
Coach Scurran makes sure proper technique is taught using the BFS training dowels.
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