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The response on last issue’s article entitled The Real Truth About Fat was overwhelming. More coaches commented on that article than any in BFS history. This article continues where the last one lef
By Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 1998

Let us review the real scientific nitty gritty. If you eat high levels of carbohydrates, like a pop and donut, your insulin level will skyrocket in an attempt to lower blood sugar levels. The insulin will find the fat in the donut and take it to your fat cells. Once the fat is in your fat cells, insulin will keep it there.

If you were to eat some eggs and bacon, glucagon would be released from the pancreas instead of insulin. Glucagon is the counter regulatory hormone of insulin. It has an opposite job. Glucagon will take fat out of the fat cells and keep it out.

However, if you had pancakes, toast, hashbrowns and orange juice, that could add up to over 200 grams of carbohydrates. Insulin levels would jump and you’d be in danger.

You can have proteins and fats. You can even have carbohydrates. But what you can’t have is carbohydrates and fat together. If you do eat carbohydrates, like cereal and juice for example, you should wait about four hours before eating any foods with fat and vice versa. If you eat high levels of carbohydrates, like a pop and donut, your insulin level will skyrocket in an attempt to lower blood sugar levels. The insulin will find the fat in the donut and take it to your fat cells. Once the fat is in your fat cells, insulin will keep it there.


We live in what I call the “Big Gulp” Society. It is very difficult to not get fat in these modern times. We ate 15 pounds less meat per person in 1997 than we did as a nation in 1987. We eat 20% less fat than we did 20 years ago. Yet, we are getting fatter and fatter. The biggest part of this problem is the huge quantities of five lethal processed food groups.

The solution to being overweight is not eating too much fat or meat. The solution does not come with diet pills, diet drinks, diet meals, diet places, liposuction or eating lottsa pasta. A huge part of the solution is simply staying away from so much consumption of the five lethal processed food groups.
An athlete, coach or anyone should probably always eat/drink 100 or less grams of carbohydrates per day. For those of you who want to lose fat and have a healthy heart, you would only have 40 grams of carbohydrates in the first 28 days before going to the 100 gram carbohydrate per day plan.

The following five lethal food groups are loaded with carbohydrates: First, pop or sodas. They all have about the same amount of carbohydrates. Diet drinks have zero carbohydrates. If you must drink a soda, you should drink a diet soda. But, remember, our first drink of choice is water.

Second, french fries are very high in both carbohydrates and fat, especially those at fast food restaurants. You just cannot mix these two macro-nutrients in high quantities. Third, potato chips or any thing like them. Fourth, donuts or pastries of any kind. Fifth, candy, especially those candies with high levels of chocolate.

PRECAUTIONS: Many coaches and athletes have called to tell me about their successes. One coach lost over 20 pounds in his first 28 days but had almost zero carbohydrates. I would caution against this and stick with the BFS Nutrition Plan of having 40 grams of carbs per day. Another coach lost some significant inches around his waist but in the beginning felt light headed. He should have taken the recommended four potassium tablets per day (99 mg). The potassium supplement is needed because of excess water loss which occurs in the first two weeks. One athlete’s mother called in to say that her son was not eating any fruits and vegetables. He was losing weight and he wanted to gain weight. My advice to all athletes is to eat fruits, vegetables and salads. Stay away from the five lethal food. If you want to gain weight, eat a lot of good protein and carbohydrate foods.



1. Soda
2. French Fries
3. Potato Chips
4. Donuts and Pastries
5. Candy

The Five Lethal Foods
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