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Step by step rules for success against drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs and guns.
By Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 1998

I. I am worth my highest goal. I deserve success. I will walk, talk, think, act like the successful person I want to be.

Write your worthy goals down on paper. Keep them in front of you at school and at home. Everyone deserves success. But, who is responsible for your greatness? Is it your mother? Of course not. You are responsible. You are the one who must make the great choices. It doesn’t matter how bad or how good things are at home or with what you have or have not been blessed with. You deserve success and happiness but you and you alone are responsible for making that happen. Ride the High Places. Be Upper Limit. Observe Rule #1.

II. I will surround myself with
positive people and places. I refuse to associate with anyone or
anyplace that creates negativity or mediocrity.

If you are at a party where drugs and drinking are going on, you are vulnerable whether you participate or not. One predictable trait of negative people is that they outwardly want to bring you down to their level. “Come on. Do it! Don’t be such a putz.”

Identify good, positive people and then hang together. Anyone who tells you that you need to drink, do drugs, smoke, tag etc. are just plain wrong. Anyone can have an absolute blast without it and never have to pay the painful, hard or ugly consequences!

Most kids get involved in gangs because it is where they feel wanted and needed. Those wants and needs can be met in school with sports, drama, music, debate, art, etc, all without negative consequences. The greatest joy anyone can ever experience is achieved by helping others. Rendering service to your fellowman is Riding the Highest Upper Limit Place you can ride!

A recent, shocking teen report was about two teenage boys had their main goal to either be dead or in jail by the time they were twenty-one. Currently one is dead and the other is in intensive rehab. A teenage girl had as her main goal to marry a drug dealer so she could stay home and not have to work. She also is now in intensive rehab. This is why you must be extremely careful about who you associate with.

III. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop me from my goals!

No one has ever achieved great success without difficulties. That’s an important part of the whole experience of achieving success. If you get knocked down, smile and get back up.

Don’t let some someone else talk you out of your dreams. If some guys look at you and challenge, “Hey, who you lookin’ at?” Just smile politely and say, “I thought I played ball with you guys awhile ago. My mistake.” Then move on. What they are looking for is a confrontation. With a well planned response, you should be able to get out of any potentially dream ending situation. Pride and manhood are never at stake; only your dreams.

Keep focused. Problems are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Don’t let failure, outside influences or people stop you from your goals. Always remember, the only thing that can stop you from success is yourself.

VI. Stand Together

What do you want to do? What is the right thing to do? Why not choose to be a leader, example, role model and a force for good?

You can spend money testing people. People can spend time and energy figuring out ways to beat your test. Wouldn’t it be better to Stand Together united, shoulder to shoulder and do the right thing.

Can I count on you?
Can I trust you?
Will you help me?
Will you help your teammate?
Will you Stand Together with me?

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