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COMMITTED TO A DREAM: Northfield High School--Minnesota 4A State Football C
Since 1993, Northfield HS had lost the championship game three times by a total of only 15 points. This year they headed to the Metrodome with some unfinished business and took home the Class 4A State
By Scott Sahli, Northfield Strength Coach
Published: Summer 1998

The Northfield, Minnesota Class 4A Raider football team had some unfinished business in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome last fall. They wanted one thing, a state football championship. Since 1993, they had ventured to the Metrodome five times. One of those times they lost in the state semifinals to the state champions, Detroit Lakes. Three other times they lost in the state championship game by a combined total of only 15 points.

Coach Bubba Sullivanís playoff record since 1993 was 23-4. But, despite the success, there was unfinished business because they had not yet realized their dream of a state championship.

There had been a thin veil of uncertainty surrounding the team as the season began because three of Coach Sullivanís assistant coaches had gone on to other jobs in the college ranks or as head coaches. Adding to the uncertainty was the fact that the state runners-up were going into the season with their smallest line since 1993. Northfield had also been bumped from being a 3A school to 4A and would be competing against larger schools. The pressure was on, but the dream of being state champions was ever-present.

Always consistent was the players commitment to BFS principles and programs. Northfield has been using the BFS program since 1992. Led by a senior class that worked extremely hard all year long - they became one of the quickest teams we have ever produced. Through incredible determination, the small line became the strongest one in the schoolís history. Our smallest lineman, a 165 lb. Guard, squatted 420 lbs.

The team continued, as always, lifting hard right through the season, with players still setting records from the BFS Set Rep System right up to the state championship game itself. Speed was worked on everyday in the weight room. Coach Sullivan believes that one of the merits of the program is that the players work so hard that it is very difficult for them to give up in competition. The BFS strategy was utilized all year long.

The payoff arrived with the dream being realized with a Section Championship and a 28-0 State Championship victory over playoff nemisis Detroit Lakes. The Raiders never wavered from their program, dream or work habits despite the past disappointments. They finally realized the dream! The commitment had paid off.

*NOTE - The Minnesota 5A State Champions, Eden Prairie, is also committed to BFS.

Northfield High School 1997 Minnesota Class 4A State Champs!!!
#35 Matt Geigen looks for a hole with #7 Jason Holm seeking a block vs. league power Spring Lake Park.
Running Back Phil Remes Cleans 290 at just 185 pounds. He averaged 5.9 yds per carry.
First team All-State tackle Chad Setterstrom, Cleans 285 pounds with great form.
Offensive guard Cullen Nelson legally Squats 420 pounds, while weighing only 165 pounds.
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