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Test your knowledge on these simple true or false questions. The answers might just surprise you.
By Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 1998

The BFS Tiger Nutrition Program has evolved to what it is today after months of intensive research, practical use and feedback from hundreds of people. The results have been stunning. Success stories are pouring into our offices on a daily basis. The Tiger Nutrition Program works nearly 100 percent of the time.

There are three main rules. First, avoid the five lethal foods: sodas, french fries, chips, pastries and candy. Second, restrict pastas and breads and third, eat like a tiger. This means to eat protein foods and vegetables while making water your drink of choice. It also means taking Tiger Enzymes and Tiger Vitamins while turning ordinary water into Tiger Water.


Test your knowledge on these simple true or false questions. The answers might just surprise you.


1. Fat is the primary culprit in making people fat.
2. Americans are fatter now than ever before.
3. Americans eat too much fat.
4. We are eating more meat than ever before.
5. We are eating more carbohydrates than ever before.
6. Carbohydrates, especially the principle of carbohydrate loading, are important to endurance type athletes.
7. A person can improve his HDL (good cholesterol) by becoming a vegetarian.
8. Coke or sodas are bad because of all the sugar.
9. The potato is not bad, all the butter and sour cream is .
10. To lose weight, you really need to watch your calories.
11. Asians are slim because they eat fish and rice.
12. Eggs and bacon are two of the worst things you can eat in relation to high cholesterol.
13. Exercise is more important than nutrition in weight loss.
14. Drinks like Slim Fast are good meal replacements or snacks.
15. Special lean cuisine type frozen meals are good for losing weight.
16. At a restaurant, replacing the potato with low fat cottage cheese is good.
17. At a restaurant, replacing corn and bread with a vegetable tray is good.
18. At a restaurant, replacing lite dressing with ranch is okay.
19. At a restaurant, leaving off the croutons is important.
20. Eating foods with protein and fat can lower fat, cholesterol, and triglycerides levels.


1. FALSE: The primary culprit is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates induce the pancreas to release insulin, which then takes fat to the fat cells and keeps the fat in the fat cells.

2. TRUE: About half of Black and Hispanic women are classified as obese. Whites and Asians are catching up. Thirty-three percent of our American population is classified as obese, while in 1972 only twenty-four percent were obese.

3. FALSE: We are paranoid about fat. We are bombarded daily about the horrors of fat. We are told that good, healthy food is fat free or low fat food. As a consequence we are eating considerably less fat than ever before.

4. FALSE: As Americans we ate fifteen pounds less meat last year than we did ten years ago. We do this because of the fat content in meat.

5. TRUE: We have emerged into the “Big Gulp Society”. We are eating larger portions of food and drink than ever before, and these large portions are increasing yearly in their percentage of carbohydrates. We love to “super size” our carbohydrates.

6. FALSE: It takes three to seven days on the BFS Tiger Nutrition Plan to begin efficiently using the fat in your fat cells for energy. When this happens, you will exceed dramatically any carbohydrate energy levels. Remember, there is enough energy in your fat cells to equal eating 1,700 pancakes.

7. FALSE: According to Dr. Dean Ornish in his book called the “Reversal Diet”, being a vegetarian will lower the good cholesterol, but he says it is worth it because of the LDL, or bad cholesterol drop. Dr. Ornish also says that this process takes a long time. Wow! The BFS Tiger Nutrition Plan of low carbohydrates and adequate protein will raise a person’s HDL and lower the LDL rapidly and dramatically.

8. TRUE: Of course, but remember sugars mean carbohydrates and carbohydrates make your insulin levels rise.

9. FALSE: and this makes the butter and sour cream dangerous. However, just eating butter and sour cream alone will not raise insulin levels.

10. FALSE: You need to watch your carbohydrates more than calories. Eating many calories of protein and fat without carbohydrates will not make you fat.

11. FALSE: Some may say Asians are slim because of genetics or because they eat fish or rice. The real truth? If Asians eat like our Big Gulp American Society, they will also become fat. Slim Asians do not eat large amounts of carbohydrates with large amounts of fat.
12. FALSE: If you eat only eggs and bacon, you will lower cholesterol levels and have a healthier heart. However, if you eat them with toast, orange juice, and pancakes, it then becomes dangerous.

13. FALSE: You do not have to exercise like crazy to be successful. It is easier to be successful without exercise on the BFS Tiger Nutrition Plan than exercising like crazy on a high carbohydrate-low fat diet. You can be successful without exercise, but obviously with a combination of exercise and the BFS Tiger Nutrition Plan, your success will come quicker.

14. FALSE: They are quite high in carbohydrates with moderate grams of fat. The problem is not so much with the drinks themselves, but that they leave you hungry. These drinks are small and are a short term fix and expensive.

15. FALSE: Typically these meals are high in carbohydrates, with small portions. This leaves you hungry. These meals are also a short term fix.

16. TRUE: Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, while cottage cheese is much lower.

17. TRUE: Corn and bread are both high in carbohydrates. A vegetable tray of celery, carrots, radishes, olives and sliced tomatoes are much lower.
18. TRUE: As long as you do not eat high quantities of carbohydrates with ranch dressing.

19. TRUE: This may seem a little radical but when you jump start the BFS Tiger Nutrition Program during the first twenty-eight days, every gram of carbohydrates is important. You can only have a maximum of forty grams of carbohydrates per day during this jump-start period. Croutons on a salad would add about 5 grams of carbohydrates.

20. TRUE: Astonishingly fast, but only if you restrict your carbohydrates.

Eat like a Tiger.
Potatoes are extremely high in carbohydrates. Therefore, insulin levels rise.
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