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Set your sights high!
By Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 1998

President Clinton remarked that a little boy had recently come up to him and said, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.” Clinton responded, “I hope I can regain the trust of you mothers out there that you also will want your sons to grow up like me.”

I have a twelve year old son. His name is Mark and you know what? I hope he sets his sights higher than that little boy. I hope he can be like Jeff Madden or Mack Brown from Texas (page 32) or like Charlie Dudley and Jeff Bower from Southern Mississippi (page 80). I hope he can be like Joe Juraszek and Chan Gailey from the Dallas Cowboys (page 6) or like Vern Banks (LSU page 55) and Ethan Reeve (Ohio page 44). I hope he can be like the athletes featured in this journal and like David Harvey-Bowen, our BFS Athlete of the Year (page 27).

I hope you coaches continue to have faith in the vital role you play in the development of values and character. BFS is committed to stand with you in this role through our clinics and the articles in our journals. My hope is that together we can lead and inspire by letting our light brightly shine.

BFS President, Greg Shepard

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