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KEVIN FAULK: Heisman Trophy Candidate
Kevin Faulk is perhaps the most prolific rusher in LSU History. As far as all time SEC records, Kevin is being mentioned in the same breath as Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker.
By Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 1998

Kevin Faulk entered the 1998 football season at LSU with some big time credentials. He has been a pre-season All-American for the last two years and has received numerous SEC awards and all-conference teams in addition to being named National Player of the Week for his 1997 effort against Kentucky. Kevin is threatening to break all kinds of records this season. Many of Dalton Hilliard's LSU rushing records will be surpassed or challenged to vault Kevin is perhaps the most prolific rusher in Tiger History. As far as all time SEC records, Kevin is being mentioned in the same breath as Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker. His career rushing average is over 5 yards per carry and over 110 yards rushing per game which includes his no-red-shirt freshman season.
Kevin had a brilliant high school career under Coach Mac Barousse as he amassed 7,612 career total purpose yards at Carencro High School in Louisiana. He made numerous All-American teams, including PARADE and USA Today. Perhaps, even more impressive is being one of the only players in Louisiana history to receive the class 5-A Most Valuable Player Award two years in a row. In addition, Kevin was on our (1993-94) BFS First Team High School All-American Football Team and made the cover of our spring 1994 issue while at Carencro.
Kevin started lifting in the 7th grade and stated, “Weights have most definitely been an important part of my success. I have found that, for me, the most important lift is the Power Clean. As far as in-season workouts, you just gotta do it.
“Lifting will not make you tight if you do it right and I believe that football success comes from hard work in the weight room and paying attention to detail.”
Kevin is on track to graduate in just 3.5 years with a major in Kinesiology. He maintains a 2.5 GPA and has never missed a class just to miss. “I turn my assignments in on time,” said Kevin.
This academic example fits perfectly with Coach Gerry DiNardo's philosophy who states, “A top ten team is not the same as a top ten program. Until I see our graduation rates, I can't really say we are a top ten program.
“Grades are not a matter of just staying eligible. Grades are about striving toward achieving a degree, succeeding in college and making a future for yourself. It is about making a better life for your family in the future. Everyone talks about winning but each player must decide for himself to care about his academic success.”
Kevin would like to be a high school football coach. “The game at the high school level is more fun and I believe you can make more of a positive difference in your players.”
Kevin has strong feelings about the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. “They effect your body. Your body is like a clock. Do drugs and/or alcohol and you'll stop ticking or not tick as well, Coach Shepard, I don't do drugs, period. I have never been drunk at LSU, period. I have never touched tobacco or chew and I never will.”
Family is most important to Kevin and he believes he can always count on his family. “When ever one of us gets down and out, the rest are always there to lift you back up. I'm very thankful my mom and dad are still together. Sometimes, my mom is the one I need to talk to and sometimes it's my dad. My family is always at my games.”
Kevin has also been taught about spiritual values and kneels down everyday to pray and to thank God for his blessings and family. “I try to read the Bible,” said Kevin, “at least once a month to gain inspiration.”
Sports, of course, plays a big part in Kevin's life as well. He says, “take advantage of what sports gives you, whether it be an education or the disciplines of life. Sports can help in so many ways, if you just let it.”
Many thought Kevin Faulk might go pro this season but he pleasantly surprised the LSU faithful by staying and completing his career. “I did not have enough of LSU,” said Kevin. “Plus I committed myself to the team for four years. I have never seen big money before, so I have not missed anything. I figured, why not wait another year. I realize money makes the world go around but it doesn't make you as a person go around.”
LSU has been a wonderful place for Kevin with its modern facilities, people and program. LSU is ranked in the top two percent of the nation's colleges and universities because of its designation as a Research University. It also boasts of a 19:1 student-faculty ration with students from 126 countries and all 50 states with a campus sitting on more than 2,000 acres in the southern part of Baton Rouge.
Life has been good for Kevin. He and Coach DiNardo arrived at the same time. They are on schedule to average 9 wins a season for four years and have won three bowl games in a row. Ticket sales have soared and 80,000-plus crowds are becoming routine. It should be obvious that this success was no accident. Success was made with the right coach with the right program with the right players.
Kevin Faulk is a “Yes sir-No sir” person. “I was raised to respect my elders,” concluded Kevin. We thank Coach Vern Banks for making this article possible and thank Kevin for being such a great example. He is an eleven on a scale of one to ten.


LSU CAREER MARKS: (Kevins marks after 4 games of the 1998 season)

Most Carries - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 188 carries to break LSU record
1. 882 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85
2. 855 Charles Alexander, 1975-78
3. 695 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
4. 588 Harvey Williams, 1986-90
5. 578 Terry Robiskie, 1973-76

Most Yards Gained - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 239 yards to break LSU record
1. 4,050 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85
2. 4,035 Charles Alexander, 1975-78
3. 3,812 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
4. 2,904 Harvey Williams, 1986-90
5. 2,517 Terry Robiskie, 1973-76

Most Touchdowns Scored by Rushing - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 6 touchdowns to break record
1. 44 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85
2. 40 Charles Alexander, 1975-78
3. 39 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
4. 29 Terry Robiskie, 1973-76
5. 27 Harvey Williams, 1986-90
27 Garry James, 1982-85

Most All-Purpose Yards - Career
Kevin Faulk set record vs. Idaho, September 26,1998
1. 5,566 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
2. 5,326 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85

Most Points - Career
Kevin needs 39 points (7 TDs) to break record
1. 302 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85
2. 292 David Browndyke, 1986-89
3. 264 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
4. 254 Charles Alexander, 1975-78

Most Touchdowns - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 7 touchdowns to break record
1. 50 Dalton Hilliard, 1982-85
2. 44 KEVIN FAULK, 1995-
3. 42 Charles Alexander, 1975-78
4. 30 Garry James, 1982-85
5. 29 Harvey Williams, 1986-90
29 Terry Robiskie, 1973-76


Most Yards Gained - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 1,448 yards to break record
or 492 to move into second place
1. 5,259 Herschel Walker, Georgia, 1980-82
2. 4,303 Bo Jackson, Auburn, 1982-85
3. 4,163 Errict Rhett, Florida, 1990-93
4. 4,050 Dalton Hilliard, LSU, 1982-85
5. 4,035 Charles Alexander, LSU, 1975-78
6. 3, 928 Emmitt Smith, Florida, 1987-89
7. 3,835 Sonny Collins, Kentucky, 1972-75
8. 3,812 KEVIN FAULK, LSU, 1995-
9. 3,523 James Brooks, Auburn, 1977-80
10. 3,420 Bobby Humphrey, Alabama, 1985-88

Most Touchdowns Rushing - Career
Kevin Faulk needs 11 touchdowns to break record
1. 49 Herschel Walker, Georgia, 1980-82
2. 44 Dalton Hilliard, LSU, 1982-85
3. 43 Bo Jackson, Auburn, 1982-85
4. 40 Charles Alexander, LSU, 1975-78
5. 39 KEVIN FAULK, LSU, 1995-
6. 36 Lars Tate, Georgia, 1984-87
36 Emmitt Smith, Florida, 1987-89
8. 35 James Stewart, Tennessee, 1991-94
9. 34 Johnny Musso, Alabama, 1969-71
34 Joe Cribbs, Auburn, 1976-79
34 Errict Rhett, Florida, 1990-93

Most A

Heisman Trophy Candidate Kevin Faulk
Death Valley Tiger Stadium: “The most feared place to play for visiting teams.” Photo Credit: Jennifer Abelson
Heisman Trophy Candidate Kevin Faulk and Coach Shepard.
Coach Shepard and LSU Strength & Conditioning Coach Vern Banks.
Kevin executing a picture perfect Power Snatch.
Kevin is closing in on virtually every record at LSU not to mention the tough records of the SEC.
Kevin Power Cleans 303 for 3 reps from the floor.
Hip Flexor Stretch: Sit tall, spread the chest force your hips forward. This is a great speed stretch. By the way, Kevin runs a 4.35 forty.
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