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The Wold Champions do World Champion Lifts
Published: Winter 1997

Lamont Hollinquist, 6-3, 250, Linebacker acquired as a free agent by Green Bay in 1996. Lamont stated, “Box Squats are easier on my knees than regular squats. They get the hips in an explosive power position. It duplicates my football position. I recover a lot quicker with Box Squats when compared to Parallel Squats. I’ve seen an improvement in my explosive power since I started Box Squats. If I were a high school coach, I would definitely have all my players do Box Squats.”
Lamont was a two-year starter and four-year letter winner at Southern California. Played at Pins X High School in California. Scored 23 points a game in basketball. He is married and a father of two children.

Joe Andruzzi, Guard, 6-3, 313, Rookie. Joe is a great success story. He played his college ball at Southern Connecticut. Nobody wanted him bad enough to draft him. He signed as an undrafted free agent last April 25th. Joe earned Division III All-America honors but sticking with the Super Bowl champs was more than a long shot.
Joe had confidence because of his great strength. “We did the BFS principles in college”, Joe said. He ran a 4.9 forty and Benched 475 and Parallel Squatted 650 pounds. Joe made the final cut and so he begins his pro career this season.
“Box Squats are excellent,” praised Joe. “They make me feel more explosive than regular Parallel Squats. They are also easier on my knees.”

John Michaels, Offensive Tackle, 6-7, 304. John is in his second year with Green Bay. He was their #1 draft choice in 1996. John played at Southern California and was a prep All-America at La Jolla High School in California. He holds a B.A. degree in religion and is involved in youth ministry and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. John was married last February.
“I really like Box Squats,” John responded. “They take a lot of strain off your body compared to a regular Squat. I would definitely do them in college or in high school. Box Squats give you the same benefit as Squats without the stress to the back and knees.” Notice John’s technique. Eyes straight ahead. He’s sitting tall with his chest spread. You can just tell that his lower back is locked-in like it should be.

Darius Holland, Defensive Tackle, 6-5, 320. Darius is in his 3rd year with the Packers and started for Colorado for two-and-half seasons. Won Super Prep honors at Mayfield High School in Las Cruces, New Mexico where he also played basketball, threw the shot 61-9 and the Discus 180 feet.
“Box Squats are even more important than Parallel Squats for a high school player,” said Darius. “You can keep better posture and it is easier on your lower back.”

Photo #23 Marco Rivera, Offensive Guard, 6-4, 295. Drafted in the 6th round by Green Bay. Marco was a three-year starter and four-time letter winner for Penn State and made 31 starts for the Nittany Lions. He was a Super Prep player at Elmont Memorial High School in Long Island, New York.
“That Hammer Strength is for the birds,” stated Marco. “What we did at Penn State was OK in-season but you need free weights to build. I like the Box Squats.”

George Koonce, Linebacker, 6-1, 243. “I’m just coming off knee surgery so the Box Squat got me back into lifting quicker. They also give me explosive power. I read your BFS Journals in college and high school.”
George is in his 6th year of pro football and came to Green Bay in 1992. He has been a starter for the last four and a half seasons. George played at East Carolina and West Craven High School in North Carolina. He was married to his wife by Reggie White and has two sons.

Reggie White, Defensive End, 6-5, 304
First in sacks in NFL last season at 8.5 sacks. Reggie played at Tennessee and trained under famous strength coach Bruno Pauletto. “I liked what Power Cleans did for me in college. I did 350 pounds from the floor. Here I do them from the Rack.”
Defensive Coordinator Fritz Shurmur calls Reggie “the cornerstone and foundation of this football team. Three words describe Reggie: commitment, character and chemistry. He leads by example. He never misses a turn at practice.” Reggie has been selected to the Pro-Bowl for an NFL-record 11 straight years. He is the NFL’s all-time sack leader who has been elected to the NFL’s All-time team. Reggie has sacked 62 different quarterbacks.
Reggie is married with one son and one daughter. He is an ordained minister who is known as well for his humanitarian projects and endeavors as he is for his football accomplishments.
Look at Reggie’s form on the Box Squat which is very good. His butt and hips are back. His chest is spread which makes his lower back lock-in tight. His eyes are focused straight ahead.
Reggie said, “I really like Box Squats. Lifting is important, but to be honest, its even more important at my age of 35. Box Squats are good because you need to change things up. It makes your workouts more fun. Box Squats are great for that change. I’ve been lifting since I was 16 years old and I do it for both strength and endurance.”

“The Box Squat is the best method to train lower body explosion for anybody that is in a power related sport. First, the breakup of the eccentric and concentric movement by coming to a rest and then requiring the explosive hip movement off the box makes this lift superior. Second, I believe it is safer than any other leg-hip exercise. You never have to worry about depth and I’ve never had an injury doing the Box Squats with our Green Bay team.

Our players are sold on the Box Squat. At this pro level, it’s hard to get players to squat but since we incorporated the Box Squat two years ago, they have definitely taken to it. During the season, Box Squats have been especially helpful because our players can do it even if they are sore after a game. I believe it helps on joint stress. You are never in a bad position when you Box Squat.”

Kent Johnston: Green Bay Packer Strength and Conditioning Coach

Lamont Hollinquist
Joe Andruzzi
John Michaels
Darius Holland
Marcos Rivera
George Koonce
Reggie White, Defensive End, 6-5, 304
Kent Johnston
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