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The BFS Dot Drill
The BFS Dot Drill
By Bigger Faster Stronger

Many athletes and coaches often stretch as a warm-up exercise. This can be devastating - you never want to stretch a cold muscle. The reasons are clear - cold muscles pull. Always do a quality warm-up before you stretch. This gets the blood flowing and warms up the muscles so they can be properly stretched. There is nothing better than the BFS Dot Drill Exercise for doing this. Why? Because it can be done anywhere, its quick, easy, and athletes love it! Start reaping the benefits such as increased speed, improved agility, knee and ankle injury prevention and more with the BFS Dot Drill!

The BFS Dot Drill not only warms-up your muscles but it also increases your agility. The Dot Drill will be hard at first. It is tiring and you may appear clumsy. However if you will do it six times a week, in a very short time, improvement will come rapidly. You can have quick feet in a month or two.

To do the Dot Drill, five dots need to be placed on the floor. It works best if 4 round dots are painted on the floor. Some coaches paint many stations for larger groups. An athlete at home can use anything approved by his/her parents to mark the dots (i.e. masking tape). BFS sells a Dot Drill Pad that has a great non-slip surface with integrated dots for $45.00 .

The BFS Dot Drill Standards : Under 50 seconds Super Quick , 50-60 seconds Great , 60-70 seconds Average 70-80 seconds Need more work , Over 80 seconds Slow.

The Dot Drill is made up of five different drills, each drill is done a six times.

1. Up and Back
A. Start with feet on A and B.
B. Now jump quickly to C with both feet
C. Then jump and split feet to D and E.
D. Come back the same way jumping backward.
E. Repeat 5 more times.

2. Right Foot
A. Your feet from up-and-back should end on dots A and B.
B. Now go to dot C with your right foot.
C. Now go in order: Dot D, E, C, A, B.
D. Repeat 5 more times.

3. Left Foot
A. You will end the right foot drill on Dot B.
B. Now go to dot C with your left foot.
C. Now go in order: Dot D, E, C, A, B.
D. Repeat 5 more times.

4. Both Feet
A. You will end the left foot drill on Dot B.
B. Now go to C with both feet.
C. Now go in order with both feet: Dot D, E, C, A, B.
D. Repeat 5 more times.

5.Turn Around
A. You will end the Both Feet Drill on Dot B. Now go to C with both feet.
B. Now go to dots D and E spread apart both feet as in the up-and-back (Drill #1).
C. Now quickly jump 180 clockwise to face the other way. You should still be on D and E.
D. Hit C with both feet and then A and B with feet split.
E. Now turn quickly again with a 180 spin to the left with your feet still on A and B.
F. Repeat 5 more times.

Dot Drill Pad
Dot Assignments
BFS Dot Drill Pad with Intergrated Dots
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