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It’s My Turn Now
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 2003

During the first days of the Iraq war, CNN aired a most touching story on one of our American troop members.
The mother of this young man saw him on the CNN program and felt compelled to e-mail CNN asking that they relay a message to her son.
As only a mother can, she conveyed her love to her son and ended the emotional message by saying, “If only I could be there to take care of you.”
CNN was able to get the message to her son and also relay back his response, which lovingly stated, “No, Mom, you don’t have to take care of me. It’s my turn to take care of you.”

My own son, Matt Shepard, has been involved with BFS for a number of years. Matt resigned earlier this year to follow a bigger dream. He was in the Army Reserves for 11 years and has now chosen to be in the Army full time. Matt just finished at the top of his class as an Army officer at Fort Benning, Georgia. His desire is to be involved in Special Operations assignments. Matt and his wife, Heather, will now embark on an exciting new direction.
It is natural for my wife and me to worry about a list of possible scenarios, but we give our complete blessing. It is now Matt’s turn to follow his chosen path and to play the song he came on earth to play.
I believe this message of “It’s my turn now” is especially timely for all juniors, whether they are in high school or college. So, to all you juniors I say, “The seniors have left or will soon leave for their next step in life. It is now your turn to step up to the plate if you have not already done so. It is your turn to lead. It is your turn to be a positive example to those who are younger. It is your turn to take care of the sports and other activities in which you are now involved.”
Learn to take care of these things. You will need the practice. One day, it will be your responsibility to take care of your own family, community and country. It will be your turn.
We all have our turn at being an Eleven when the opportunity comes. Do that, and you will also play the song you came on earth to play.

Matt Shepard, former BFS managing editor

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