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New BFS Total Program Concept
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 2003

The Balance Drills: There are three drills. These can be done at the conclusion of a power snatch set or as a separate exercise. Demonstrating is 6-foot 2-inch Kristina Vengryte from the Regis University Women’s Basketball team. It was Kristina’s first try at these balance drills. Piece of cake. She is using a 45-pound bar.

The Jerk Press (right): Place the bar behind the neck in a high-bar squat position. It can also be done with the bar in front, as in doing front squats. Squat down slightly, and explosively thrust the bar upward. As this is done, quickly split your feet as you would in an Olympic-style clean and jerk. The bar will end up overhead in a locked position. Then stand upright. Do two sets of five reps. Jerk presses, which are also called push jerks, develop upper-body explosiveness and shoulder strength.

The Push Press (See Drill #3 Above): Assume the same position as in the jerk press either, in front or back and squat down slightly. Now, explosively thrust the bar upward using the legs and arms. Then, explosively pop your feet out from your jump stance into a half-squat position as in a power clean. Do two sets of five reps.

Drill #1: See if you have enough balance to squat down to parallel or below and solidly hold that position for three seconds. Now stand up with the bar overhead.
Drill #2: Place the bar on your shoulders like a high-bar back squat. Keep the wide grip and squat all the way down to parallel. Hold for three seconds. After these three seconds, see if you have enough balance to stay in this low squat position and press the bar overhead and lock out the elbows.
Drill #3: After holding the bar for three seconds in that locked-out position, see if you can return to a standing position while staying in balance.
The Jerk Press

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