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Presidents Message Fall 2003
Is The BFS Program Only For High School?
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Fall 2003

I always find this question strange. The BFS Program is designed and has always been designed to take an athlete to the very highest athletic performance level from junior high to high school to college and beyond.

It has never been just a high school program and then when you go to college, you take a step up in your training. Any college would benefit at the highest level on the BFS Program.
In the mid-1980's, we produced a video called Beyond Man's Upper Limits. We featured four throwers, one of which was Stefan Fernholm. The original BFS Program came from the throwers in the late 1960's and 1970's but these new throwers added much to the BFS Program. Stefan weighed 275 and stood a little more than 6-1. His legitimate forty was 4.3 (hand held) with a 40-inch vertical jump from a stand. Stefan's Power Clean was 476 pounds. One of the other throwers, Soren, could run as fast as Stefan and high jump seven feet weighing 273 pounds. So we took all of these training secrets and combined it with our American system of sports.
I am a pragmatist. I figured when someone can do better than those throwers, I would change. And, here it is 2003, and we have found no need to change because no one can beat those guys.
I know that athletes can become stronger on the BFS Program in the least amount of time than any other program. It is also more motivating than any other high school or college program as we break eight or more personal records every week. Our stretching program is way out in front as is our Plyometric Box Jumping program.
There are three secrets to the BFS Program. First, is What To Do. If you do not do the BFS Program or something similar, then you cannot reach your fullest athletic potential. Second, is How To Do It. BFS has more complete information on the technique of training than any other source. Third, is Implementation. Most high schools fail to implement a unified program. Two and three sport athletes should have one strength and conditioning program to follow. Many college programs need to have more unified implementation. For example, the method of teaching the Squat or Power Clean should be done the same way by all strength coaches at a particular college along with the same exact terminology. The head strength coach needs to have all his assistants on the same page.

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