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Published: Winter 2003


Mia Hamm, at age 31, retired playing the best soccer of her career. Maybe it is because she’s putting it all together. She has put a divorce and injuries behind her and is moving forward in an exciting way. Mia met Boston Red Sox star, Normar Garciaparra during a promotional event in Boston in 1999. Mia beat Normar in a penalty-kick shootout and they soon became friends. They plan to get married towards the end of 2003.

“I think there are certain parts of your life,” said Mia, “you hope to be at similar points. Personally, I am happy. Normar has brought a lot of joy and love into my life. He’s my best friend. I have support from someone I truly trust and deeply care about. He’s just one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”


Pop TV psychologist and self-proclaimed weight loss expert Dr. Phil McGraw is now offering us a line of food products that include meal replacement bars. The primary ingredients of the Fudge Brownie bar include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and unsweetened chocolate. What does Dr. Phil know about the effects of sugar that we don’t?


If you believe caffeine is safe and non-addictive, award winning science writer Stephen Braun wants you to think again. In his book BUZZ (Oxford University Press 1996), Braun says, “...the reality of caffeine withdraw is coming to be appreciated by both physicians and the lay public.” Typical symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include the following: Headache, depression, fatigue, lethargy, irritableness, increased muscle tension, nausea and vomiting.


According to statistician guru Herb Glossbrenner, Poland’s Andrezej Stanszek is pound for pound the best squatter ever. Weighing 113 pounds, Stanszek has lifted 661.39 pounds. The 2nd best performance was made by Steve Goggins who lifted 1,102.31 pounds at a bodyweight of 266 pounds.


Charmaine Hooper (as published in the Summer 2003 BFS magazine) made the All-Star World Team as a defender. Charmaine represents Canada.


You may be aware that Laura Dayton has been a contributing writer to the BFS Magazine. What you may not know is that her brother, Mike Dayton, was a former Mr. America who roomed with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he first came to America. Oh, the stories we can tell. Here Mike shares a non-partisan pose with the Austrian Oak.


Natalie Coughlin (featured in BFS Spring 2003) was recently voted Sportswoman of the Year at the Womens Sports Foundation Banquet.


Every once in a while a we come across a conditioning method that causes a paradigm shift in the way we think about sports fitness. Catflexing, a book by Stephanie Jackson (Ten Speed Press 1997), is not one of those methods. Here the author demonstrated several BFS core and auxiliary lifts.

A tearful farewell as Mia Hamm, the world’s most popular women’s soccer player, leaves the field for the last time.
Mike and Arnold
Natalie Coughlin
Charmaine Hooper
Rob Ritty’s 1000-pound squat in the winter of 1999

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