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Wisconsin State Champs!
Stanley-Boyd HIgh School
By Coach Karl Walters
Published: Fall 1996

Editor's note: We never know exactly how many schools are on the BFS program throughout the United States. We are always surprised when we get a letter like the one from Karl Walters, strength coach for Stanley-Boyd High School in Wisconsin. Jim Brinker is the head football coach and he stated, "Karl is the reason our weight program is successful. He brought the BFS program in three years ago and now we have almost tripled the numbers of kids participating. We have used a number of different weight programs in the past but the BFS program attracts more athletes. The kids are more accountable and they can see their progress on a daily basis. What I like about it is that they are trying to break records continuously." 

The following is a letter from Coach Walters: 

The Orioles of Stanley-Boyd High School in Stanley, Wisconsin under head coach Jim Brinker and defensive coordinator Lee LaFlamme won the 1995 Divison 4 State Football Championship with a 21-0 decision over favored Columbus at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, home of the Badgers. We reached the finals with a shutout victory over powerhouse Maple Northwestern, so we finished with a season record of 11-2 and we were not scored upon in our last 8 quarters! 

Out of 9 regular season and 4 post-season games en route to the championship, one varsity starter missed a total of one game due to injury and we had no serious injuries the entire season. We feel this is directly related to having the whole team on the BFS program, including doing the 1-2-3-4 stretching program as a team before every practice and game. I would estimate that even after the season began that we continued to break anywhere from 60-100 records PER WEEK in workouts. 

A lot of our guys had lifted before but made unbelievable gains once they started the BFS program and continued during the school year with the in-season program. Our All-County Safety, Eric Acker, had a 220 pound Bench at a 120 pound bodyweight and last winter he was second in state in wrestling at 112 pounds. Two of our more dedicated lifters were selected for the State All-Star Shrine game last summer: Tailback, Todd Goodman and Honorable Mention All-Stater G-DT, Tim Haas. 

We are all delighted to have discovered the BFS "Secret" and wish to thank you all for helping our team reach their Upper Limit -- a limit no one gave us a chance of reaching before the season. BFS Wins Again!

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