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Strength and Conditioning
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Fall 1996

The human body is a marvel created with wondrous intricacies and unfathomable complexities. When your body is overloaded, as in weight training exercises, it adapts, builds, and grows to make itself ready for tomorrow. 

After another workout, this process of adapting, building and growing repeats itself to prepare for even greater loads. Then as you progressively and wisely add more and more weight and stress, your body will surge to even greater heights. 

This miraculous process can be like a snowball propelling itself down a giant mountain. You will start seeing improvement in every phase of training. Everyday will be exciting as you see all your lifts, speed and jumping abilities improve. 

Positive energy will flow through your entire system both physically and mentally. Your positive energy will be contagious. You will feed this energy to your teammates and your teammates will feed you. It's as if no one can stop you or your team. 

No amount of money can buy these dramatic changes. No one can give you progressive improvement. You must earn these things yourself through your own sweat and hard work. You must always keep your eyes on your goals, never wavering. When this is done, you will exude more self-confidence. You will believe in yourself. 

Winning and meeting challenges will take on a whole new perspective. Your attitude toward school, family and life will see dramatic changes because you will look for what is possible rather than reasons for failure. 

Ride the High Places and you will soar to the Upper Limit of your potential. Your body was created to "Expect A Miracle". 

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