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On a scale of One to Ten, P.J. Brown is a true Eleven. P.J., the son of BFS clinician Jim Brown, has done the BFS Dot Drill since kindergarten. I Probably started the BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Progra
By Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 2000

P..J.s first memories of serious training are from the fourth grade when he would travel with his dad to BFS Clinics. There, P.J. demonstrated the Dot Drill, Power Cleans, Flexibility and Box Jumps. He did the Dot Drill in 52 seconds as a 4th grader! It is 33 seconds as a senior. At this point, P.J. has been to about 60 BFS Clinics in 13 different states.
My most memorable clinic experience, says P.J., is when you see all the athletes and coaches pull for each other with a united goal. Also, when I do more than the big guys or their good athletes, its neat because it shows coaches and athletes what can be done. In addition, Ive been around a lot of BFS Clinicians and their personality traits seem to rub off on the athletes.
P.J.s main sports at Poplar Bluff High School in Missouri are football and track. Although he has also participated in wrestling and basketball during his earlier years. Through steady work both during the season and off-season, P.J. has achieved the following personal bests: VJ-35, 40-4.45, Bench-260, Squat-415 and Clean-265. All this at only 5-6 and 140 pounds.
These tremendous strength and conditioning achievements have helped P.J. perform well over his natural abilities. He won the 5-A state championship as a sophomore in the pole vault and was runner-up last year. This year P.J. is closing in on the 16-foot barrier. He started on the varsity football team as a sophomore and was all-conference cornerback as a junior. I have seen game film of P.J. during his senior year and I can tell you that he has no fear. P.J. can just flat out decleat any 200-plus pound running back. How can a 140-pound kid collide with another player who weighs a hundred pounds more and always knock him backwards? His dad beams as he says, Power Cleans, baby, Power Cleans! P.J. won all-conference, all-district and all-regional honors as a senior at Poplar Bluff.
P.J. admits that he is the smallest guy on the field. I just buckle down and get after it. My strength and speed make up for my lack of size. Ive never shied away. I dont see it as what do I need to do to take on a big player. I look at it as what does he need to do to get away from me.
Outside the athletic arena, P.J. covers all his bases. He maintains a solid 3.2 GPA and is President of his local Catholic Youth Organization. P.J. has a real passion for hunting and just recently bagged a magnificent 10-pointer. His goals include going to college to pole vault and major in wildlife management. There are a number of big schools interested in bagging P.J. as he nears the 16-foot barrier.
Coach Brown devotes his life to BFS and his family. He gives P.J. every chance to reach his highest personal destiny. For example, he drives P.J. down to Arkansas at least once a week to train with Earl Bell for pole vault workouts. P.J. is grateful, I have to be strict in my life. There is no way Id have accomplished what I have without my dad. He is so positive. I wouldnt have traded my experiences with him for the world.
P.J. has disciplined himself to follow the BFS program exactly and that includes his record book. Ive done every workout for more than six years and Ive broken a bunch of personal records. I almost always break eight or more records every week and I know Ive done that for at least four years.
As for drugs, alcohol and tobacco, P.J. has been an eleven. I see it all the time, says P.J., But I dont associate with anyone or anyplace that would put me in a situation to be around it. My friends have come to respect my position. I try to lead by example. People come up to me all the time and say its cool that I dont drink, use tobacco or do drugs.
I have never been around marijuana. I couldnt even tell you what it smells like. I have never had one drop of alcohol. I have been brought up well so I dont need it. I have never had one cigarette. I spend a lot of time trying to get better. Why should I go out on a weekend and screw it up.
I believe you should keep your eyes on your goals. Trust in God and believe in yourself. Stay focused on your goals and try not to dwell on problems that come up. Problems are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.
I have followed P.J. since he was in grade school and know him to be a true eleven. We made up a special award and presented it to P.J. in front of his family, teammates and coaches. We honored him for staying valiant and for always staying on course in his pursuit of noble goals. The award stated, P.J. BROWN IS AN ELEVEN. We hope all of our readers agree. Thanks P.J. and thanks to Jim and Brenda Brown for raising such an exemplary son.


BFS made a special award and presented it to P.J. in front of his family, teammates and coaches. We honored him for staying valiant and for always staying on course
in his pursuit of noble goals.

The award stated,

#14 P.J. Brown
P.J. Brown dong lunges
33 Second Dot Drill
P.J. jumping on to a 50-inch Plyometric Box just like a panther.
Perfect form Parallel Squat. Eyes on target, chest spread, toes aligned, athletic stance. P.J. does 415 lbs.
Straight Leg Dead Lifts stretch and strengthen the glutes and hams for speed and jumping power.
P.J. does every aspect of the program with great form and determination on every exercise he does.
P.J. won the 5-A state championship as a sophomore in the pole vault and was runner-up last year. This year P.J. is closing in on the 16-foot barrier.
Greg Shepard, Mandy Eakin (P.J.s sister and BFS Clinician with her twins), P.J. with his award, P.J.s mother, Brenda and father, Clinician Jim Brown.
P.J. can Power Clean nearly double his body weight with perfect form, he Cleans 265 lbs. at only 56 and 140 lbs.
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