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He led Evangel Christian Academy to a National Championship and a 45-0 record. Brock embodies everything that BFS stands for from athletic ability to leadership and moral character.
By Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 2000

Brock Berlin of Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana is our 2000 Bigger Faster Stronger Athlete of the Year. He becomes the 21st recipient of our most prestigious award. Brock is a true eleven!
I attended Brock’s state championship game at the Super Dome in New Orleans last December. I was invited to give the pre-game talk for Evangel and be a part of the team’s pre-game preparation. Coach Dunn gave each senior a chance to express himself before the game. Brock was the last to speak. He was about to start his 45th consecutive game. It was the culmination of a three-year dream. Not only was the state championship on the line, but Fox Sports would crown Evangel as National High School Champions, if they could win the game against a formidable West Monroe team.
Brock spoke from his heart. He shared his love for his Lord and Savior. He honored his parents and coaches. Brock expressed his love for them. With great emotion, he told his teammates just how much he loved them and what his four years at Evangel had meant to him. Tears flowed freely down Brock’s cheeks. I looked around and everyone also had tears welling up, including me. It was here that I decided that Brock symbolized everything our BFS award was about. Brock was going to be our BFS Athlete of the Year.
Brock’s selection was based on athletic achievement in sports, the ability to overcome obstacles, scholarship, leadership, general character and the ability to put life in its proper perspective. Brock proved his worth in all those areas and is most deserving of this award.
Coach Dennis Dunn, who is also the principal at Evangel said, “Brock is the strongest quarterback I ever had, but it his off-the-field demeanor that is most impressive. He just has the uncanny ability to will a win.
“When he was a freshman and just after we had finished a miracle season by winning the state championship in the Super Dome capping a 15-0 season, Brock came up to me and told me, ‘Coach, our 9th grade class will make Evangel 60-0.’
“I looked at him and smiled, ‘Well buddy, if you believe it, I believe it.’ Last December, when we again won the state championship for the 4th undefeated season in a row Brock said, ‘I told you we would do it.’
“There is something inside Brock that you wish you could have in every kid. The University of Florida will find that out sooner or later.”
Dennis told me about Brock’s goal three years ago and I thought to myself that you can’t win (go undefeated/state championship) with a sophomore quarterback; not with Evangel’s schedule. The previous year, Evangel quarterback, Philip Deas, threw for a national record 4,656 yards during the 1996 season. How can just a sophomore fill those kind of shoes? Well, not only did Brock lead his team to a 15-0 season and a state championship by a 51-13 margin, he broke Deas’ record. As a sophomore, Brock threw for 4,657 yards. Evangel finished the season ranked No. 12 in the USA TODAY final rankings. The winning streak was extended to
Said Coach Dunn after that game, “Brock has all the tools to be one of the best quarterbacks in the country. He has the size and the strong arm.”
Brock did a 295 Bench, a 400 Parallel Squat, a 275-pound Power Clean and ran a 4.7 forty while at Evangel. “School was a serious thing,” said Brock, who received a 3.8 GPA. He also played on the golf team. Brock would have played baseball but he broke his ankle during his 9th grade season. He decided at that time to concentrate on football. After the BFS Clinic held during his 8th grade year Brock remembered, “I enjoyed it. I was glad we had it. The clinic was important for our future.”
Brock also remembers vividly telling Coach Dunn about the dream of going 60-0. “I said it in the Dome after the 15-0 season. We wanted to be 60-0 when we left. Man, there were so many games to fight through. We had a special bond. The goal was always in the back of our mind. Whenever we won a game, we knew we were closer so we would press even harder.”
“Coach Dunn is one of my favorite people in the world. He is the best high school football coach in America. I love him. He taught me how to be a good person.
“And Evangel? Oh, man. It’s been my life since third grade. When you love something so much, it is hard to explain. The people, the friends, the teachers; it is an atmosphere like no other. A true blessing. I will send my future kids to Evangel.”
Brock led Evangel to a Fox Sports National Championship and was selected as USA TODAY’s Offensive National Player of the Year so he had his choice of Division I colleges. Brock chose the University of Florida, to be with Coach Steve Spurrier. Brock graduated early from Evangel and participated in Spring Football for the Gators. Spurrier said, “Brock is a lot like Danny Wuerffel, personality wise. He will get his shot. I have no qualms about starting a freshman, if he is best suited for the job.” Senior Jesse Palmer earned the starting quarterback position and Brock is learning a lot from him.
Brock started right in at Florida by taking 12 credits while his classmates back at Evangel were still finishing up high school. At spring practice Brock said, “I’m going to come in here and help the team out the best I can and whatever happens, happens. If I get red-shirted, it’s fine. It will just give me another year to learn. This was a winning program in the 90’s and I wanted to go to a place where winning the national championship is their goal.”
On the subject of redshirting, Spurrier said, “Red-shirt him? What do you think I am, CRAZY!”
The toughest aspect of college football to date for Brock has been the speed of the game. “Also, learning my play-book,” says Brock, “has been quite a process. I learn every day. I believe to be successful here at Florida I need to continue to put God first. Give Him the glory. I need to work hard in practice and in the weight room. I also need to work on the mental part of the game to succeed at quarterback. I’m always pushing myself. You can always get better. I just can’t sit around. If you do, you’re not getting better.
“I believe lifting is important for a QB. I took a beating as a sophomore in high school. You have got to be strong. Later, after a lot of time in the weight room, I could take a hit and be OK.
“I believe a quarterback must be a good leader. When the game’s on the line, you have to be the ice-water-in-the-veins guy. You are either a leader or a follower, but a quarterback has to be a leader both on and off the field.”
Brock believes the most important thing in life is Jesus Christ. “God has given me so much,” says Brock. “I have been so blessed with a great family, church and friends. I thank Him every day for it.”
Brock has never had one drop of alcohol, one puff on a cigarette, one chew of tobacco or anything to do with drugs. Says Brock, “I’ve seen so many kids screw themselves up. My fiends have been good to stay away. I get asked all the time, especially here at college. I really don’t feel like I am missing out. It’s not what I do. No one asks me anymore here at Florida. As far as drugs, I’ve been careful to stay away from people that do that kind of stuff.
“My counsel to others is to give your dream all you’ve got. You are always going to be in the spotlight as a football player or an athlete. Be careful what you say to people. Especially young kids. They are watching. It is important to be a good example because I have been so blessed to even be able to play the game of football.”
During the first part of the season, Brock only got playing time against Middle Tennessee, where he went two for four passing in a couple of series. However, by mid-season, Brock moved up to the #2 spot for the Mississippi State game. Brock is poised and ready to go if he gets the call. We are so excited for Brock and his

Brock Berlin
Evangel Head Football Coach, Principal and BFS Clinician Dennis Dunn with Brock Berlin.
Brock took over the QB reins from a record holding senior and took it to a National Championship.
Brock doing lunges at Evangel during the summer before his first year at Florida.
Brock Berlin: QB Evangel Christian Academy, 45-0 as a starter (10-12 grade), 13,902 Total Passing Yards, 144 Touchdown Passes, 1,433 Pass Attempts with 944 Completions
Brock Power Cleaned 275 pounds at Evangel. He also Benched 295 lbs and had a 400 lb Parallel Squat while running a 4.7 forty.
Brock accepting his BFS Athlete of the Year Award with Coach Dennis Dunn (l) and his father, Rick Berlin (r)
Brock, as a true freshman, against a very tough Mississippi State team earlier this year.
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