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PARK HIGH SCHOOL Work Hard. . .Expect to Win
The BFS Program illustrated through a series of pictures.
By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 2000

Doug Ekmark is the head football coach at Park High School in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. He is also one of our BFS Clinicians. Coach Ekmark has followed the BFS Program for well over a decade. He does it completely from A to Z.
I went to Park High School last August to see his players. They were awesome. I met with 17 of his better players who showed me what they did. Every player seemed to be an eleven. In fact they had the number eleven posted in a number of places. I found myself touching 11s every where I went in the gym area.
Coach Ekmark is a tremendous individual who has a great passion for football, his family and his BFS Clinics. "Our players have an unbelievable work ethic. They just don't ever miss," says Coach Ekmark. Park High School has a great win-loss record, but Coach Ekmark is quick to point out, "The level of play is outstanding in our league. Every coach works hard and is smart."
I took these photos to illustrate the BFS Program and how it works. Their motto is Work Hard . . . Expect To Win.

The BFS Dot Drill with Daryl Johnston-Sr., Phil Roach-Sr. and Mac Goodpaster. By the time you are a junior or a senior in high school, you should be able to whip off the Dot Drill in the low 40-second range.

Adam Hannah and Park High School teammates showing perfect form on the BFS Hip Flexor stretch. If you won't do it like Adam, you won't stretch the Hip Flexor like you should. Therefore, you won't reach your potential in developing stride length and thus speed.

Junior, Adam Hannah showing a true BFS Parallel Squat. Notice the depth--this one counts. Notice his eyes are on target. Adam's chest is spread. He has an Athletic Stance. Adam is Squatting Tall (upright) with his lower back locked in. It is hard to tell from this angle but his knees and toes are aligned properly. Adam is a 5-11 190-pound running back. He can Parallel Squat 450, Power Clean 275 and run a 4.5 forty. Adam also ran an 11.1 100-meter in track as a sophomore.

Brian spotting a teammate, Nick Graham, on the Hex Bar lift. Notice the jump stance with eyes on target.

Senior, Mac Goodpaster doing a Box Squat. Notice Mac's athletic stance, toes and knees, being tall, chest spread with his eyes fiercely on target. He is a 5-8 180-pound linebacker. Mac has a 275 Bench, a 275 Power Clean and a 425 Parallel Squat.

Brian Trussell in his Power Clean Rack Position. Notice the athletic stance, elbows up and forward, being tall with eyes on target. Brian is "catching" the bar fairly low but this is certainly legal. He is a 5-11 240-pound lineman with a 315 Bench, 450 Parallel Squat and 300 Power Clean. Brian also maintains a 4.0 GPA.

Senior QB, Kory Mortel showing perfect form on the Glute-Ham Raise which is also a high priority BFS Auxiliary exercise. Notice the bent knees, upright position and bringing the hips back towards the heels. Kory is 5-11 175 pounds. He can Power Clean 245 and run a 4.65 forty.

Junior running back, Nick Graham demonstrating just how low we go on a straight leg dead lift. Nick uses between 95 and 135 pounds. He is strengthening and stretching his hamstrings and glutes at the same time. Since the weight is so light, Nick will also strengthen his lower back without fear of any injury. He is 5-9 180 pounds. Nick can Power Clean 270, Parallel Squat 425 and run a 4.65 forty.

Mac Goodpaster demonstrating a lunge. Mac is a living example of perfect form. Lunges are a top priority BFS auxiliary exercise.

Brian demonstrating excellent form on a Power Snatch. He is perfect in all six of the BFS Six Absolutes of Technique. Can you identify all six? The Power Snatch is a top priority Auxiliary lift.

Please vote. Who is tougher? Coach Ekmark on the left or Coach Shepard.

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