In their own words, coaches share how BFS programs have changed more than a school's sports performance

By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Winter 1997
Roger Pauley stood with a group of other parents waiting for the bus to return with Whittemore-Prescott’s winning team after their hard-fought victory against Harbor Springs. Like most of the parents, Roger was beaming with pride over the performance of the small CC-class school his son attends in Northeast Michigan. Unlike the other parents, Roger knew firsthand what it took in terms of training and confidence for the team to win this victory. Until just a few months ago he had been the athletic director for the school, and he had watched the team’s skills and attitude improve over the past few years. He knew why they’d experienced such positive gains, and was not surprised when above the roar of engines he could hear the kids’ chants as their bus neared.


“It was the second game and it was a tight one against a good team,” recalls Pauley. “This is when the skills and training from the BFS program really show—in those last waning minutes of the game when you need to turn it on and have the confidence in your skills to do it.”
Pauley is now assistant principal at neighboring Almont Junior Senior High School, but his son still attends Whittemore. While at Whittemore he watched the BFS program at work, but he credits much of the hands-on work to Coach Kyle Tobin.
“I don’t believe Kyle ever held a clinic, but he went through the training, read all the books and watched the videos,” says Pauley.
The success showed in personal bests as well as the team’s performance. Pauley’s son, Roger, used to have the nickname “Duck” because he was flat-footed with no jumping ability. Under the BFS program “Duck” was soon leaping up easily to grab the basketball rim. Pauley watched his son’s improved agility and flexibility not just on the football field, but in wrestling and baseball as well.
The entire school felt the effects of the BFS program as Coach Tobin rallied for better facilities and managed to move from a dimly lit corner to a full-on weight room. He also encouraged the participation of other sports in the BFS program, but football remains the school’s passion. This year there were nearly 90 7th and 8th graders in their football program!
Pauley says that Tobin has done a great job, and has actually been almost too successful. “Kyle is also a social studies teacher, and with everyone demanding his time it gets tough. There simply isn’t enough time in the day.”
Having seen his colleague’s success, Pauley immediately began to rally support for the BFS program at his new school. He quickly booked a BFS clinic for December.
“I’ve seen how this program works, and I want to get the entire PE staff involved,” says Pauley. “I want to show how it can help athletes become better in golf, tennis, volleyball—in every sport. Almont has a pretty rich tradition in sports that you would normally not associate with weight training—I want those coaches to see what a valuable program it is. I’ve invited all the coaches, even coaches from other area schools to see how the program works. I don’t think it’s possible to get too many people involved—I want to see that gym packed, not just with coaches, but parents and athletes as well!”
As we go to press, Pauley’s clinic is pending. However, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving praise from many other clinic hosts and we’d like to share a couple of other comments excerpted from letters we’ve received:
Paul Joubert
Ticonderoga Purple Power Program Coach

In two days you changed an attitude, a belief and a certain habit of doing things around here. I realize it’s my job to continue with that and pull the school together (which has been a dream for years). I believe your clinic gave us the tools necessary to accomplish that.
You rejuvenated my dreams, my hopes and my inspirations, as well as reawakening my faith in Christ. I know deep inside that Christ gave an 11 for us, and He’s just asking for us to do the same. I hope I can look into an athlete’s eyes and bring the very best out and have that athlete know that I’m with him through and through.
I make this pledge to you: I will do my very best to implement this program in Ticonderoga and carry it through all sports, athletes and coaches as long as I am here.

Rob Simpson
Riverdale Baptist

I held a two-day BFS clinic in August. The days leading up to the clinic were of great suspense as I was waiting to see just how great BFS was. I was not disappointed.
Rick Bojak was the clinician and I am telling you the truth that he is one of the greatest men I have ever met. He did a great job motivating the kids as well as giving in-depth instruction. As the person who got to pick Rick up and take him around, I also received the additional time and incredible benefit of his knowledge. In three days I learned more from Rick than I ever thought possible.
I will never be known as the most educated person in the world. But one thing that I will be known for is my love of weight training and my love of helping kids get opportunities that I never received. I thank you for sending Rick to us, for he has had an everlasting impression on my life and my ability to live up to my goals. Thank you, and God bless you.

Every year thousands of athletes are making a commitment to excel because of the BFS Clinics held nationwide.

Dr. Greg Shepard is with Evangel Christian Academy Head Coach and BFS Clinician Dennis Dunn after their State Championship last year. Over 175 High Schools have been State Champs in football after having a BFS Clinic. More are expected this year. Do they work? You Betcha!