The BFS Safety Package

Equip yourself with the information you need, as a coach or administrator, when it comes to avoiding and or winning lawsuits that deal with the weight room.

By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Fall 2003
BFS Safety Package
Tools to help you avoid and win weight room lawsuits

During the past decade BFS President Dr. Greg Shepard has been an expert witness in 10 lawsuits involving injuries that occurred in the weight room. These lawsuits were directed primarily against coaches, teachers and schools. According to Coach Shepard, every one of these lawsuits could have been avoided by implementing a proper safety program, thereby saving thousands of dollars in legal fees and awards.

“In many of the cases, it came down to the word of the teacher or coach against the word of the student or athlete,” says Coach Shepard. “The student would say in effect, ‘I was not taught how to lift properly, and I was not taught how to do my strength and conditioning safely.’ To which the coach or teacher would respond that he or she did indeed teach proper lifting techniques and safety measures. Do you see the dilemma? How do you prove that the student was properly trained?

Can Lawsuits Be Stopped?
Judges and juries need tangible proof of what was said and taught, which is why Coach Shepard developed the BFS Safety Package. The BFS Safety Package provides this tangible proof in the form of posters, videos and information from a company that has been a recognized leader in athletic fitness since 1976. Most importantly, the BFS Safety Package will show you how to reduce greatly weight training accidents and injuries.

We cannot guarantee that using our program will ensure that you will never be sued. The fact is, you can be sued by anyone at any time for just about anything – recently people have even gone so far as to sue fast food restaurants for making them fat! However, implementing a BFS Safety Program is the an excellent way to discourage lawsuits and help you win in the courtroom.

“The BFS Safety Package would be of great help in any lawsuit brought against a school, teacher or coach involving a student’s injuries in the weight room or in strength and conditioning,” says Coach Shepard, whose experience as a coach and teacher spans over four decades. “I also believe strongly that once the plaintiff's lawyers discover all the elements in the BFS Safety Package, they will be less inclined to move forward on a case.”

The BFS Safety Package
In addition to including detailed instructions on how to implement a BFS Safety Program, the BFS Safety Package contains the following vital elements:

Student/Athlete Acknowledgment Form. This form, which can be photocopied for each athlete, is signed by each athlete to prove that he or she has gone through the entire BFS Safety Program.

Weight Room Safety Video (or DVD). This 24-minute professionally produced presentation educates the athletes about weight room safety. It must be shown to all weightroom users as a condition before they start any conditioning program.

Weight Room Rules Poster. Designed to be displayed in a prominent place in the weight room, this full-color, 22" x 28" quality poster provides detailed rules and procedures to follow in the weight room.

Safety Posters. This set of three full-color, 22" x 28" quality posters provides critical information about reducing injuries to the knee, hamstrings and lower back.

Training Posters. This set of five full-color, 22" x 28" quality posters provides detailed instructions about the proper techniques for the squat, bench press, power clean, deadlift and the quick lifts (such as the power snatch).

BFS Magazine Subscription. Bigger Faster Stronger Magazine provides the latest information about all aspects of strength and conditioning. Since the first issue was published in 1976, BFS Magazine has become one of the most popular and respected publications in the strength coaching profession. Included in the BFS Safety Package is a one-year (four issues) subscription to this valuable publication.

BFS Online Membership. Another invaluable resource that provides the coach or teacher with access to sound information about strength and conditioning methods. In addition to gaining access to over 500 articles published in BFS Magazine, members will be able to ask BFS clinicians and other knowledgeable coaches specific questions about safety and training through a moderated forum.

The entire BFS Safety Package costs only $99 (VHS or DVD), a small price to pay for the protection the BFS Safety Program offers. Call BFS at 1-800-628-9737 or order through our website to have your order rushed to you today!