The B.F.S. program at it's best!

By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Fall 1997

Editor's Note: P.J. Brown just completed his freshman year at Poplar Bluff High School in Missouri.  His father, Jim Brown has been a BFS Clinician for over 10 years.  As a result, P.J. has been on the BFS Program even before his 7th grade year.  He knows the program backwards and forwards.

P.J. is a three sport athlete with freshman football, varsity wrestling and pole vaulting in varsity track.  He is only 5-3 and 130 pounds but just listen to these stats: Bench 200, Power Clean 200, Power Snatch 150, Parallel Squat 315, Dead Lift 375, 40-yard Dash 4.71, Sit & Reach 7" beyond his toes, Vertical Jump 32.2" and Standing Long Jump 10-2.  P.J. is also very close to the National BFS Dot Drill record of 33.37 seconds set by his brother Michael.

All of these marks are standard measurements used in the BFS Program and are on the BFS Record Card.  All athletes, both boys and girls, should be recording and breaking records just like P.J.

Coach Brown knows that correct training through the "secret" is an absolute necessity in reaching one's potential.  Another critical component of success is performing your event or sport also with perfect technique.  Pole Vaulting is one even where technique is at least as important as the "secret".  Therefore, Coach Brown took P.J. to train on a regular basis with Earl Bell, a former World Record Holder in the Pole Vault.  For you track buffs, Earl also trains Jeff Hartwig who was the hottest American Vaulter this year both indoors and outdoors going consistently over 19 feet.

As a result, P.J. Brown soared to 13-6 as a 9th grader last spring making him one of the top vaulters in the nation for his grade.  The sky is literally the limit for young P.J. and it will be exciting to follow his progress throughout his high school career.

The pictures of P.J. should be studied closely.  They illustrate perfect technique and the lifts of the BFS Program. (Pictures will be added at a later date).