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Vitamins & Minerals
What are the functions of various Vitamins & Minerals

Listed are various vitamins and minerals with the recommended daily intake in parentheses.

CALCIUM (300 mg):Builds and maintains bones and teeth. Needed for muscle contraction and is an excellent pain killer.

PHOPHORUS (200 mg): Aids in skeletal growth and muscle metabolism.

MAGNESIUM (400mg): Vital to bones ant teeth. (nature's own tranquilizer)

IRON (18mg): Needed for the transportation of oxygen.

ZINC (15mg): Essential for growth and development. Valuable for healing wounds and plays a role in protein synthesis.

COPPER (2mg): Helps in bone formation and utilization of iron.

IODINE (.15mg): Necessary for thyroid gland to produce hormone thyroxine (regulates mental and physical energy levels.)

VITAMIN A (25,000 units): Vital to vision and closely associated with skin disorders. Helps resist infections and is essential to bone and tooth enamel development.

VITAMIN B1 (50 mg): Production of energy and necessary for growth. (time released=TR)

VITAMIN B2 (50 mg): Aids in proper growth and tissue function. (TR)

VITAMIN B6 (50 mg): Prevents various nervous disorders, muscular weakness and fatigue. (TR)

VITAMIN B12 (50 mg): Increases physical vigor and mental alertness. (TR)

VITAMIN C (500 mg): Prevents fatigue. Useful in alleviating bruises, muscle strains and minor joint injuries. Forms collagen which is involved in building strong connective tissues found in cartilage, ligaments, blood vessels and is the basis of bones and teeth. (TR)

VITAMIN D (1,000 iu): Aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Deficiency could cause more fractures and a higher rate of tooth decay.

VITAMIN E (200 iu.): Oxygen conservator. Heals scar tissues. Aids the liver. Helps prevent fatigue.

LECITHIN (1,200 mg): Aids in assimilation of vitamins A and E. Neutralizes cholesterol.. Helps to lower blood pressure. Helps to eliminate acne and other skin diseases and relieves nervous tension.

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