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What exercises make you run faster?
By Bigger Faster Stronger
Published: Spring 1999

Kevin Devine has just finished his second season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has been outstanding on the special teams and also as a reserve defensive back. Kevin had the fastest time of anyone during the NFL Combine before his rookie year. Out of about 100 watches, several clocked Kevin at 4.1 in his forty. The average was between 4.23 and 4.24. Kevinís goal is to be the first NFL player to break the 4.0 forty barrier.
Kevin would like everyone to know that anyone can improve their speed. We, at BFS, have produced a wonderful video on how to improve speed showing Kevinís complete speed development program. Some of his speed building components are illustrated in this article. Stretching should be done every day. Plyometrics should be done for about twenty minutes twice per week. Your legs should be made stronger with a variety of core and auxiliary exercises.

Kevinís Hip Flexor Stretch: Stretch Everyday!
Leg Curls: Auxiliary 2 sets of 10 twice per week.
Lunges are a top priority auxiliary exercise.
Glute Ham Raise: Top priority auxiliary exercise. Do 2 - 3 sets 10-20 reps.
Leg Extensions: Auxiliary exercise do 2 sets of 10 reps twice per week.
Leg Presses
Calf Raises: Develops the final portion of the leg drive.
Do Quick Lifts twice per week: Power Cleans, Power Snatches or Power Pulls as shown here by Kevin.
Do Plyometrics and Box Jumping twice per week
Get two good Squat workouts per week. Here Kevinís father, Paul Devine is spotting.
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