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BFS Certification

BFS Success Story

BFS Success Story

Be An 11

For over 30 years BFS has been the number-one source of information on strength and conditioning for the nation’s athletes and coaches. BFS encourages all coaches and instructors who supervise strength and conditioning programs to become certified for the following reasons:

LIABILITY. A certified strength and conditioning coach has proof in a court of law that he or she has reached a specific level of proficiency, and any school district or college will find that desirable

EDUCATION. The process of becoming certified tends to motivate most coaches to learn more about strength and conditioning. Hence, they become better and everyone benefits – the athletes most of all.

CONFIDENCE. Being certified breeds more confidence among athletes, parents and other coaches. The handsome certificate that BFS issues makes a statement of professionalism and will look great when framed and displayed in your office.

CAREER. Being certified can help you get jobs, as many schools and health clubs make certification a prerequisite for employment.